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Natures Solar Lights

3W Solar LED Water Feature, Pump, Panel with Battery Upgrade


3W Solar LED Water Feature, Pump, Panel with Battery Upgrade

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Product Description

Our powerful 3 Watt Solar Water Pump with Battery Backup has all of the new technology incorporated into its components, and includes an upgraded Battery and LED Light for use at night:

  • The solar fountain water pump is a smaller, brushless, environmentally friendly and more efficient 6V DC pump with a maximum water fountain height of 2 feet, and maximum water lift of 3.25 feet. There are 3 different spray nozzles included to create your ideal fountain design. This is sized for small ponds and rock water features where you need to control the amount of water loss from the basin.
  • The solar panel is Poly-crystalline technology, which gives you a stronger charge from a smaller panel that takes up less space. Your built-in battery will charge quicker, and will even charge on cloudy days.
  • The battery has been upgraded from a Lead Acid 6V 400mAH to a 7.4V Lithium Ion 2000mAH. You will get a longer lasting charge, brighter LED lighting and more consistent water flow. The Li-on battery is also much better for the environment that a Lead Acid battery.

Receive a 10% automatic discount when you purchase any solar powered water fountain pump with backup battery.

This kit gives you the ability to set up a water fountain in any area of your property. The Solar Panel comes with a 16 foot cable to let you place the water fountain in a shady area of your water feature, and install the panel, using the included ground stake, in a sunny location to power your fountain. As mentioned above, with a water fountain height of 1.3 Feet, a smaller pond, a small pool, or rock formation feature will be the ideal area to use this 3 Watt Solar Water Pump.

When setting up and testing the water fountain kit and battery, a couple of things must be done for everything to come on to test:

1.  The Water Pump cable and the LED Light cable must both be plugged into the solar panel

2.  The "Switch" needs to be turned ON after you place the water pump in a bucket of water

3.  The Battery Status light button must be turned ON to know the status of the Battery for charging and for everything to work. You need to push the white button in for at least 2 seconds, then release it and the light should come on. You might have to try this step a couple of times depending on the pressure you exert onto the button.

If you need a higher fountain height, but prefer to keep your pump size to a 3 Watt, check out our older model 3W solar pump with backup battery and LED lights.


  • One 3 Watt Solar Water Fountain Kit
  • Includes Upgraded Solar Panel, Water Pump and Backup Battery
  • Has a manual On/Off switch
  • Solar panel is 3 Watt Poly-Crystalline and is sized at 8.66" L x 7.48" W x 0.8" D, and will power your water pump during the day as long as the sun is shining
  • Backup Battery is a 7.4V Lithium Ion 2000mAH Rechargeable
  • Button on Solar Panel for Battery status: Green - battery is fully charged, will run the water pump for up to 4 hours, Orange - battery will run the fountain pump for 2 to 4 hours, Red - battery needs charging, less than 1 hour remaining
  • Battery will need 2 to 3 days of sunshine before it is fully charged. If you need it to charge faster for a night gathering, turn the On/Off switch to OFF. This will stop the water fountain from running during the day, and will store all energy from the sun coming through the solar panel into the battery.
  • Solar Water Pump is Brushless 6V DC with a 16 foot cable to attach to solar panel
  • A Brushless water pump has more torque per watt, therefore a higher efficiency, no mechanical wear on the pump, increased reliability and a longer life
  • Solar fountain water pump dimensions are 1.6" x 2.25", center pipe diameter is 1/4"
  • Water lift maximum is 3.25 Feet
  • Water fountain projected height maximum is 2 Feet
  • Water flow maximum is 66 GPH (250 Liters)
  • Includes 4 White LED Bulb Light with 16 foot cable that will also plug into the solar panel. It will come on automatically at dusk.
  • Water pump cable and LED cable both must be plugged into solar panel for everything to work correctly.
  • To test the water pump, be sure to place pump in bucket of water so it will not burn up when running.
  • Includes the following Water pump accessories: 4 Inter-connectors, 1 Short Inter-connector, 3 Sprinkler Spouts, 1 Small Spout Cap
  • CE Certified
  • Manufactured by Garden Sun Light

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