Bird Feeder Solar Light - Metal with Blue and Purple Glass

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Neighborhood birds will flock to your home when you hang our solar light bird feeder in your outdoor yard. The smell of fresh bird seed will draw them to the multi-bird size feeder during the day. The lure of the soft lighting will entice them to visit for a midnight snack.

The colors of the glass mason jar are dark blue and purple. The Blue LED bulb casts rich Blue lighting throughout the entire jar when empty and out the top when filled with bird seed. As the bird seed is eaten, more and more of the glass mason jar will be exposed to the beautiful Blue lighting. When you can see most of the jar lit up in Blue, you'll know it's time to add more bird seed!

This is a great size for a solar powered bird feeder at 9" Long, with a 6.75" Diameter. The Mason Jar holds about a quart of bird seed, and will feed at least 3 birds at once. It's a wonderful hanging size for your viewing pleasure. The 6" Metal Chain and Hook brings the total size when hung to 15" Long.

We have 3 gorgeous bird feeder colors to choose from: Blue and Green Mason Jar, Dark Red Mason Jar, and a Dark Blue and Purple Mason Jar bird feeder. Buy each color and make all your feathered friends very happy.


  • Solar Bird Feeder with Free Shipping included
  • Size is 9" H with a 6.75" Diameter, 6" Chain and Hook for total hanging length of 15"
  • Glass Mason Jar bird seed holder is 3.5" D x 6" L
  • Glass jar holds about a quart of bird seed, and is protected with chicken wire
  • Has 3 slots at the bottom for bird seed to fall into the dish, and 3 drain holes in the dish if rain water gets in
  • Made from Metal, with a Black Matte Finish, and Glass
  • Solar panel and integrated light sensor, 1.5" x 1.5", are located on top of the feeder and must receive sun in order for the light to come on at night
  • On/Off button is also located on top of the feeder. Be sure to push to ON position when you want the bird feeder to light up at night
  • Includes a 1.2V AAA Ni-MH solar rechargeable battery

To fill the Mason Jar with Bird Seed:

  1. Unscrew the bird seed holder dish from the glass jar by turning counterclockwise
  2. Fill the jar with dry bird seed
  3. Screw the dish back onto the mason jar by turning clockwise. You may  have to push the jar down a bit for he grooves to begin turning


Six month warranty from Natures Solar Lights.

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