Hanging Double Spiral Spinners Love the Wind

Posted by Marcia Price on Nov 27th 2015

Blue and Copper Double Spiral Wind Spinner

Hanging Spiral Wind Spinners are Fun to Watch

What is wind good for? It messes with your hair, blows dust in your eyes, brings the leaves down into the yard, and even destroys buildings. You can learn to appreciate the wind again (excluding tornado and hurricane force) with a Hanging Double Spiral Wind Spinner.

Our colorful wind spinners range from 11 to 20 inches long with single and double spirals. The single spiral spinner has a hanging crystal ball in the middle that spins and spins while it splashes a sparkle design onto your wall during windy days.

The double spiral wind spinners are especially fascinating to watch, and are definitely recommended by me. I purchased the copper wind spinner to test for our site, and absolutely loved it. That's why we are now offering "wind power" in addition to our "solar power". As the breeze stirs the wind spinner, the outer spiral spins one way, and the inner spiral spins in the opposite direction. The sun and light bounce off of the spinning metal and create an array of light onto your wall.

The colored 14" wind spinners come with a 1 inch Swivel S-Hook. The Copper double spiral spinners and crystal ball include a 3 inch Swivel S-Hook and chain, which will add to the overall length of the wind spinner when hung. That's what gives the wind spinner the smooth, easy spinning action you'll see.

There are so many places you can hang your metal wind spinner. Just put one of those little ceiling hooks up on your front porch, covered patio, deck or gazebo. You can even hang it from one of your favorite tree limbs if the hook fits. If you have a home office, place one outside the window and feel the relaxation (or maybe a mesmerizing distraction to clear your mind?) it can provide.

If you want to share the beauty, install a shepherd's hook in your front lawn and hang the spiral wind spinner for all of your neighbors to be jealous of. You can also add interest and fun to your outdoor seating area by placing the shepherd's hook and spiral spinner by your bench.

Any of our wind spinners make a great gift. With the different colors and styles available, you can choose the perfect one for your family and friends. I can't imagine anyone who would not enjoy watching the spinning action. No assembly required, and you can assist in choosing the perfect location.

If you have any questions about these gorgeous, and fun to watch, hanging spiral wind spinners, shoot me an email at NaturesSolarLights@gmail.comor give us a call at 623-974-0787. Quantity discounts are always available.

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