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Natures Solar Lights

Copper Solar Lights, Wall Mount Carriage Lanterns, 8 LED Colors, Set/2


Copper Solar Lights, Wall Mount Carriage Lanterns, 8 LED Colors, Set/2

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Product Description

This sleek, energy-efficient and low-maintenance Set of 2 Copper Colored Solar Lights, with Wall Mount Carriage Lanterns, is made from durable plastic with a thin, top copper color plating. Each copper solar wall light contains 5 LED and a 3.2V Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery, also known as the lifep04 battery. It is an exceptional battery that nearly triples the light output over normal solar outdoor wall lights. The battery has a high voltage of 3.2V, rather than a typical 1.2 Ni-CD battery, and produces an extremely strong and high light output.

You can also upgrade the 3.2V Solar Battery from 550mah to 800mah for an additional $4.00 per set. This will give you an additional 2 to 3 hours of light at night. This is especially important during the Fall and Winter months, and in the Northern States where the angle of the sun's rays is not optimal for shining on the solar panel.

Customer Review:

Very nice looking carriage lanterns, installed in about 15 minutes. Installed on either side of garage door, lights lit up right out of the box and were on for 10 hours. Tim Fotty

The solar carriage light fixture is 12" High x 7.5" Diameter. The overall Height, including the Finial and mounting base hardware, is 12" High. While they look great on a one story home or deck, they are not recommended for a two story home.

With the latest technology, this set of solar wall lights is not only supremely bright, but the enhanced solar panel will provide a longer run through the night. During the day, the solar panel will charge its internal battery by converting sunlight into electricity, and during the night, it will provide an admirable and luminous glow by your entrance. These copper solar lights are an exceptional quality, especially at our low prices.

If you prefer a cast aluminum solar lantern, or need to have more height to your wall mount solar light, check out our Gama Sonic Solar Wall Lights.

Features and Specifications:

  • Copper Solar Lights with Wall Mount Carriage Lanterns, Set of 2, Free Shipping
  • Five 5MM LED bulbs in each copper solar wall lantern
  • Choose from 8 LED colors: Standard White or Customize to Golden Warm White, Warm White, Soft White, Amber, Blue, Evergreen or Green for additional $3 per set
  • Four new and improved Hexagonal Solar Panels
  • Working Voltage: 3.2V 550mah Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery
  • Light duration with 550mah is 5 to 6 hours of light!
  • Made from durable ABS plastic with an Antique Copper Plated Top Skin Finish
  • Housing surrounding the LED is durable plastic
  • Automatic photo sensor turns solar wall lights on and off
  • Each solar carriage light is approximately 9.5" x 7.5", overall Height including Finial and Mounting Arm is 12"
  • Wall Mounting Plate is 5" x 5", with the screw holes about 4" apart
  • Solar wall lights must be fully charged in sunlight for maximum light output and light duration of 6 to 8 hours
  • CE Certified, corrosion and water resistant
  • Manufactured by Atlantic Solar.

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