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Natures Solar Lights

Frog Solar Light Statue - Solar Frogs for Pool and Pond Lights


Frog Solar Light Statue - Solar Frogs for Pool and Pond Lights

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Product Description

Freddie, the cross-eyed Frog solar light statue, received his nickname because of a Dragonfly. Freddie was so surprised by a usually very lucky Dragonfly landing on his face, that he crossed his eyes to get a better look and his eyes stayed that way. You know what our parents always told us when we were growing up! He is desperately trying to shoo the Dragonfly away, but it just keeps fluttering around his face. Maybe if he jumps into your pond or fountain, the Dragonfly will finally leave.

Our newest addition is the cutest ever and such a fun Frog solar garden light to set on your patio, or place next to your water fountain, pond or pool. We believe he is a Leopard Frog, who does love insects, so the pesky Dragonfly better be careful. He is attached with a spring, so if Freddie jumps into the water to get rid of him, that might not work. Freddie the frog will definitely make you smile, and maybe giggle just a bit, as he sits in the sun and contemplates what to do next.

The solar frog light statue is ceramic, with a very unique molded carved wood look. The details are excellent, the quality wonderful, and you will enjoy Freddie for many years.

We also have a Turtle and an Owl with the same carved wood design.

Important Warning During Unpacking: Be careful when unpacking and placing the Dragonfly, to not pull out the clear cord that the Dragonfly is attached to. The clear cord holds the circuitry for the LED bulb that lights up the Dragonfly.


  • Frog solar light statue with carved wood design
  • Solar frog light statue for your pond and pool is made from cold cast ceramic, molded to resemble a carved wood frog statue
  • Solar panel is located on the back of the frog, sized at 2" x 1" and is made from plastic
  • One Cool White LED lights up the Dragonfly
  • Two Yellow LED light up the Frog Eyes
  • Frog solar garden light is 6" W x 5" D x 8" H
  • Orange Dragonfly is 1.75" x 1.5", made from hard plastic
  • Battery is a 1.2V AA 300mAh Ni-CD rechargeable and replaceable solar battery
  • On/Off button is located on the Bottom of the solar frog statue

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