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Owl Solar Statue Light - Ceramic Bird Light with Carved Wood Design

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Oliver the Owl solar statue light has the biggest and wisest eyes that you have ever seen. Right now though, Oliver is not feeling so wise, a Bee is buzzing around his nose, and his eyes have crossed trying to get a clear view of the Bee. You'll have to smile, and maybe giggle just a bit, every time you look at him sitting in the sun by your trees.

The Bee is attached with a springy cord, so you can also watch the Bee buzzing around in the breeze, driving Oliver the Owl solar light crazy. 

With your purchase, you will also receive an upgraded battery. We will throw in a 1.2V AA Ni-CD 600mAh, twice the energy storage capacity that will give you hours more of light duration at night.

NOTE: Be careful when unpacking and placing the Buzzing Bee, to not pull out the clear cord that the Bee is attached to. The clear cord holds the circuitry for the LED bulb that lights up the LED located on the Bee.


  • Owl solar light with carved wood design, Free Shipping
  • Oliver the Owl light statue for your garden and patio is made from cold cast ceramic, molded to resemble an Owl carved wood statue 
  • Solar panel is located on the back of the Owl statue, sized at 2" x 1" and is made from plastic
  • Solar Owl light statue is 6" W x 5" D x 8" H
  • One Cool White LED lights up the Bee
  • Two Yellow LED light up the Owl's Huge Eyes, which are each 2.75" in Diameter
  • Yellow Bee is 1" x 1.5", made from hard plastic
  • Battery is a 1.2V AA 300mAh Ni-CD rechargeable and replaceable solar battery
  • On/Off button is located on the Bottom of the solar owl statue 
180 day warranty from Natures Solar Lights, including the Battery.

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