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Portable LED Emergency & Camping Lantern, Set of 2 Gama Sonic


Portable LED Emergency & Camping Lantern, Set of 2 Gama Sonic

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Product Description

Our Set of 2 LED Rechargeable Emergency and Camping Lanterns, with a High Beam Flashlight, are versatile and useful throughout your household. They give you the option of overall illumination for your work area indoors or outdoors, or a Single Beam Flashlight to pinpoint the light exactly where you need it.

The Gama Sonic LED Camping Lantern will hold a charge for up to 6 hours, and the flashlight for 35 hours. This portable lantern is a must for emergency kits, hiking, camping, fishing trips, and of course, for every day use around your home.

Leave the Portable and Rechargeable Emergency Lanterns plugged in, and the unique design turns the lantern on automatically if power is lost. Place one at your entrance and one in your bedroom to let you know your power went out and to always have light.

Who can't use a bright flashlight that recharges instead of always requiring new batteries? Seems like you're always out of the size battery you need, and never know it until you must use your flashlight, right?


  • Portable LED Emergency & Camping Lantern Flashlight Combination, Set of 2, Free Shipping
  • Rechargeable LED lantern has 25 super bright White LED bulbs
  • 24 White 6000K LED during lantern use emits 180 Lumens of light
  • 1 White 6000K LED during high-beam flashlight use emits 180 Lumens of light
  • Recharges from a regular household outlet
  • Has a backup compartment to hold 3 AA 1.2V batteries which would be very handy to use during camping
  • Light duration during emergency lantern use is 6 hours on a single charge
  • Light duration during flashlight beam use is 35 hours on a single charge
  • Can also run off of 3 conventional 1.2V batteries
  • Turns on automatically when power is lost
  • Does not draw power from your outlet when the charge is full
  • Manual on and off switch
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Convenient carrying or hanging handle
  • No maintenance required
  • Limited Two Year Warranty
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic


  • Rechargeable battery is 4AH Lead Acid
  • AC Voltage is 120V, 60Hz input
  • DC Voltage is 300mA output
  • Power Source is AC Adapter
  • Rechargeable LED Lantern is 8" H x 3.75" W x 2.75" D

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