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Red Hanging Double Spiral Wind Spinner, 14"

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It's just fun to watch this Double Spiral Wind Spinner move in two different directions with the slightest breeze. The Red outer spiral will spin one way, and the Copper coated inner spiral will spin in the opposite direction. Great size to watch at 10" W by 14" L.

Shine, sparkle and light bounce off as the sun hits the spinning spirals. Keep your hanging wind spinners shiny and new by applying car wax to protect it from the outdoor elements.

Customer Review:  "Just thought I'd let you know I received the wind spinner today. It's beautiful and I love it!!!!" Barb, Canada (April 22, 2015)


  • One Red Spiral Hanging Garden Wind Spinner
  • Handcrafted metal in Red and Copper color
  • Size is 10" W x 14" L
  • Swivel S Hook is included and adds 1" to overall Length
  • Outside and inside spiral spinners move in opposite directions
  • Hang on hook at entrance, deck, patio or gazebo
  • Hang on a shepherd's hook and install in your yard or garden
  • Also available as separate items in Green, Blue and Purple
  • One Year Warranty
One Year Limited Warranty through Red Carpet Studios.

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