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Natures Solar Lights

Solar Camping Lanterns - Flashlights

Hybrid Light Portable Solar Camping Lanterns, Solar Powered Flashlights with Mobile Device Chargers


Hybrid Light portable solar lanterns and flashlights are must-have products for campers, boaters, hikers, mechanics, and everyone else that has ever needed a solar flashlight or solar lantern. They are extremely bright and durable, have a Lifetime Warranty, and will charge any mobile device that has a USB port.


These amazing portable solar camping lanterns and solar flashlights are available in many different models and styles:


  • PUC solar expandable lantern compacts to fit into a smaller space for hauling and storage, convenient and usable for any situation.
  • Atlas solar camping LED lanterns, also ideal for your home when the electricity goes out, and to keep on boats. These portable lanterns come in a Yellow and a RealTree camouflage color.
  • Solar Head Lamp, ideal for rock climbers, hikers, bikers, diy mechanics, repairmen and cave explorers, to see where you're going and what you're doing while keeping your hands free.
  • Journey 250 with 250 lumens, and Journey 160 with 160 lumens, Solar Powered Flashlight with phone charger.
  • Hybrid HEX Bluetooth Speaker also includes a solar camping lantern, flashlight and USB ports for charging any mobile device. Enjoy your favorite music wherever you travel.
  • Mammoth multi-light charger is the most powerful Hybrid Light solar flashlight, with a very bright 400 lumens of light output. The Mammoth also has a built-in plug you can use to charge indoors, in addition to the solar panel to charge in the sun.


Receive superior qualities and performance when you buy Hybrid Light solar lanterns and solar powered flashlights with phone chargers for you and your family:

  • Hybrid Light solar products hold a charge for 7 years when not in use. Your existing flashlight, with the alkaline batteries, always seems to need new batteries when you actually need it in an emergency situation.
  • The circuitry and solar panel on Hybrid's lanterns and flashlights will charge the internal 3V Lithium Ion battery using any light source, including your indoor lighting. Even a camp fire will have a trickle charge effect on the solar panel.
  • The solar portable lanterns and flashlights will charge your cell phones, tablets, and anything else with a USB port. Every camper and hiker knows the value of a charged cell phone in case of emergencies. And can you imagine keeping your kids entertained on your tablet or their phones since you can charge them as needed?
  • Since older vehicles do not have a built in USB port to charge your phones, you can be assured of having a charged phone with a Hybrid Light solar lantern or flashlight with USB port.
  • You will receive a Free Cable to use in the USB port, and the Micro USB port, with your purchase. You can rapid charge your new toy as soon as you receive it, and use it immediately. Rapid charging takes only 2 to 3 hours for a full battery charge.
  • The LED Indicator Light will blink Red when the battery charge capacity is down to 20%. You no longer have to wonder if you have enough light duration left to take that hike, you will know immediately if you need to charge it first.
  • With a Lifetime Warranty, if your solar LED flashlight or lantern stops working, it will be fixed or replaced. If you accidentally run over it with your car, you will receive a special discount on a new item from Hybrid Light since, obviously, you didn't mean to do that, right?
  • The built-in Lithium Ion batteries and Super Bright White 3W Cree LED bulbs provide a consistent, bright light for whatever your needs. The 160 Flashlight has a 160 lumen output, the 250 Flashlight has a 250 lumen output, and the solar lanterns for camping have a 400 lumen output, with a 32 foot light spread.
  • The light beam distance, of 350 feet with the Journey 160, and over 1,000 feet with the Journey 250 solar flashlights, is incredible! That's 3 1/2 and 10 football fields in light beam length, respectively! Now you can go measure the light beam length on your device, is it close?
  • The camping solar lanterns and flashlights have a Strobe mode. Not only is this important if you ever get lost, but you can also "lead" the members of your party to your camping site in remote areas.
  • All of the Hybrid Light solar powered flashlights and lanterns are extremely durable. They are made from Poly-carbon, which is a high impact material used to make motorcycle helmets. Do you know what your existing flashlight is made from? Try banging it on the edge of a counter top, and check out the dent or crack that is now there.
  • And last, but most important, Hybrid Light was awarded the government contract to furnish each Branch of the Military with solar powered LED flashlights, customized with their own Military logo. They also were awarded Cox Communications contract to furnish all of their installers with flashlights. Why? No other manufacturer's existing products were able to compete with the construction, performance, and durability of the Hybrid Light solar products. Do you want the best solar camping lanterns and flashlights? You won't find a better product than Hybrid Light.

Reliability in camping lanterns and flashlights is imperative. They need to work when you need them. Buying a Hybrid Light portable solar lantern and flashlight to always have on hand just makes good sense. Buy yours today and enjoy that peace of mind of knowing you will have light no matter what situation requires it.