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Solar Candle Lantern Table Light - Frosted Glass Scroll - Smart Solar

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Our incredible 9" tall Frosted Scroll Glass Solar Candle Lantern Table Light is perfect as an outdoor or indoor solar table light. Decorative solar table lights function outdoors as a solar candle at night, eliminating worry about fires from knocking hot wax candles over.  The solar candle functions indoors to add ambiance for a special evening, or as a solar powered night light for those late night excursions.

The glow of light through the frosted glass creates an incredibly beautiful scroll display on the table top, and stays lit for 8 to 10 hours, with proper charging from the sun. Charge it for free in the daytime sun, and use it every night, inside or out. The intricate frosted scroll design is so pretty, you will enjoy the look even during daytime hours. The energy saving white LED bulb will provide an elegant glow wherever you choose to display it. Solar Candle Lantern size is 4" wide x 9" tall.

This solar scroll lantern can also be installed in your garden, flower pots, or walkways. It comes with a ground stake to securely place into your landscaping.

How long does a wax candle burn? 100,000 hours? We think not! Our frosted scroll solar candle table light uses an LED bulb with a lifespan of 100,000 hours! If you use solar table lights as a solar candle or solar powered night light every night for 10 hours, 365 days, that's only 3,650 hours. The LED bulb will last 25-30 years! How many candles and bulbs will you need to buy over 25 years? Other than replacing the rechargeable battery every few years, there is no other expense with solar candles.


  • Solar candle lantern and table light will cast a scroll pattern on any surface
  • Made of galvanized steel with an antique brushed finish
  • Real glass panes have an intricate scroll pattern embellished onto the glass
  • On/off switch so you can control when you want your solar candle to light
  • While turned on, the solar candle light will automatically shine at dusk and turn off at dawn
  • Provides 8 to 10 hours of light when fully charged
  • Perfect for outdoor use on your patio, deck or displayed in your gazebo
  • Always cool to the touch, safe around kids, pets and clumsiness
  • Energy saving white LED
  • Powered by an integral solar panel which will be charged by the sun
  • Replaceable, rechargeable battery is a AA 1.2V NiMH, 450 mAh
  • Size is 4" wide x 4" long x 9" tall
One Year Limited Warranty from Smart Solar.

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