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Solar Coach Light - Wall Mount Solar Porch Light - Cast Aluminum

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Illuminate your entrance and deck with a Solar Coach Lantern by Gama Sonic. This wall mount solar porch light is made from powder coated cast aluminum, and has a real glass lens.

The solar light bulb has Warm White LED bulbs, with light output of 60 lumens, and casts a downward illumination to light your walkway and steps. It also includes a High/Low light switch for you to control the amount of light and hours of duration you want at night.

The wall mount solar porch light finish colors available are Weathered Bronze, Black, and new for 2019, Red Copper.

If you prefer a brighter white light for your entrance and garage, choose the 6000K Bright White Bulb option above for an additional $23.00. It screws into the light socket just like a regular light bulb, and will give you around 75 lumens of white light.


  • One Solar Coach Lantern in Weathered Bronze, Black, Copper, Free Shipping
  • Wall mounting hardware, two screws and anchors, is included for the wall mount solar light
  • Solar light fixture is 7" D x 5.5" W x 7.5" H
  • Has the new solar light bulb, exclusive to Gama Sonic
  • Has eleven 2700K Warm White LED bulbs incorporated into the light bulb design, with a light output of 60 lumens using the High switch. A Bright White LED Bulb is available, see above.
  • Includes one pre-installed 3.2V AA 1500mah Lithium-Ion battery pack, which will last for around 1,000 charges, or approximately 3 years
  • The mono-crystalline solar panel, on top of the fixture, will partially charge the battery even on cloudy days
  • Has a High/Low switch to control the amount of light and hours of duration. The switch is on the underside of the arm between the wall plate and the glass lantern. Flip the lantern over and turn the light switch to either the High or Low position for your wall light to automatically operate at night.
  • The High mode will give you 60 lumens of light for approximately 8 hours, and the Low mode will give you around 30 lumens of light for up to 10 hours at night.
  • Made from powder coated cast aluminum with a round glass solar lantern
  • Use as an outdoor wall mounted solar light for your patio, deck, entrance, garage, and fence gate
  • No wiring or electrical is required, this solar powered wall light needs only a sunny location for the solar panel to charge the internal battery
  • Metal solar lights are weather and rust resistant
  • Includes a 2 year warranty
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic
  • Please Note, the GS solar light bulb will only work in Gama Sonic solar lights designed for the new solar light bulbs. Do not attempt to use these light bulbs in any other fixture or light socket since they are low voltage solar bulbs.

Installation Instruction for your Solar Coach Lantern:

  1. Screw the wall mounting bracket to a flat, vertical surface by drilling two holes, and inserting the wall anchors. Align the wall anchors with the holes on the wall mount plate, and twist the screws in to hold in place.
  2. Slide the fixture down onto the grooves on the wall mount plate until the fixture is secure.
  3. Flip the switch to either High or Low.
  4. You're job is done, you now have a beautiful solar wall light to illuminate your home at night automatically!
Two year limited warranty from Gama Sonic.

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