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Solar Hanging Metal Lantern for Trees and Patio Tables - White

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A solar hanging metal lantern for trees and patio adds that wonderful bit of lighting that extends your evening relaxation long into the night. The blast of colors, when the solar hanging lantern comes on at night, will surprise and delight you and your friends and will be a conversation starter. Buy multiple solar metal lanterns in various colors, scatter them at different levels in your tree, or place along your patio, and look forward to the sun setting every night.

Our White hanging solar lantern for trees is a wonderful Double Scroll sized at 5.5" Diameter x 5.75" High. The plastic material inside the metal lantern design creates a star shaped variety of colors at night. It truly is like a blast of color when the lantern turns on, and why multiple hanging solar lanterns look so good spread throughout your trees. Move the inside material around to get different looks and colored patterns.

You will also receive with your purchase of this hanging solar garden lantern, an upgraded 1.2V AAA Ni-CD 600mAh rechargeable battery. This battery has twice the amount of energy storage as the battery than is installed in the lantern, which has 300mAh. If you want more hours of light duration at night, use the upgraded battery that is included in the product box.

Hanging solar lanterns can also be placed by the entrance to your gazebo, garden or seating area on your own shepherd's hooks. With the flat base on the solar lantern, you can also set it on your patio table. 

Solar tree lanterns have an incredible amount of versatility, you can be creative and add them to any area you can see from your windows or deck at night. As long as the area receives sun on the solar panel during the day, your lantern will light up at night. 

Lantern colors available are: bottom scroll Purple, bottom scroll Yellow, top and bottom scroll White hanging lanterns.


  • Solar hanging metal lantern for trees and patio, with Free shipping
  • Color is a White that looks fantastic hanging in a tree or against a dark background
  • The double scroll design gives the hanging solar garden lantern a unique look
  • Solar patio lantern and hanger are made from metal for long lasting beauty
  • Size is 5.5" in Diameter x 5.75" High NOT including the handle
  • Metal hanger is 2.5" x 3", plenty big to place over tree branches
  • Solar panel is 2" in diameter, solar panel surround is made from plastic
  • Includes Star colors of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow White and Purple. Sometimes you do need to move the lantern and inner material a bit to get the best look for the stars.
  • Battery is a 1.2V AAA Ni-CD 300mAh, and is pre-installed. PLEASE NOTE OUR UPGRADE MENTIONED ABOVE TO A 600MAH YOU WILL RECEIVE.
  • Has an On/Off button for storage purposes
  • No wiring is required, completely solar powered lantern
90 day warranty, including battery, from Natures Solar Lights.

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