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Solar Lamp Post Light Fixture, Bright 900 Lumens, Gama Sonic

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This is as good as it gets! Brightness, handsome details, a 2 year Warranty, and Free Shipping! The Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Post Light, with Triple Solar Coach Lanterns, will give you 900 Lumens of light output! That's comparable to about a 200 watt light bulb, and that's enough light for anywhere outdoors. You can safely replace those old electric lights, knowing that your yard or business location will be receiving plenty of brightness at night.

You can install this solar lamp post on your existing 3" pole that holds your Yard, Column or Pillar Light. The 3" Fitter pole will slip right onto your existing for a very easy retrofit and new installation.

If you don't have an existing pole, you can purchase the Cast Aluminum 79" High Pole offered above for $179.00. The 79" pole comes with hardware to install into concrete for stability and security.

Is your area prone to high winds or storms? If so, you might want to purchase our new Gama Sonic Commercial Grade Poles:

These special poles are twice the thickness of the standard Gama Sonic poles, 2.5mm thick vs this Commercial grade 5.0mm thick, with a much wider base for additional stability. Three different pole heights are available with these upgrades: 6.5 feet high at $250.00, 8.0 feet high at $300.00, or 10.0 feet high at $350.00, in addition to the cost of this Imperial II 3" fitter triple lantern product. Choose your option above.  

Major design changes by Gama Sonic has made this solar lamp post light even more ideal for your yard or business parking pot. The commercial grade Imperial II solar lamp post now has a High or Low switch to control the light duration for additional days of illumination, and double the battery storage capacity, from 6000mah to 12000mah. 

On a full charge from a sunny day, and the light switch set to Low, the new Imperial II solar pole lanterns will have enough charge stored from the sun to light your lanterns for 5 days! During cloudy and rainy days, your outdoor solar coach lanterns will still illuminate your home or business. 

Since the Imperial II series is our brightest residential or commercial solar landscape lighting fixture, you are able to install it on any outdoor existing pole in your yard, street or entrance column as long as the area receives 5 to 6 hours of light. It fits perfectly on a typical 3 inch pole. If you have a 2 inch pole, you can buy a conversion kit at a home improvement store.

The Gama Sonic triple solar coach light just makes sense to install. It is the most natural, green alternative to paying high electric bills. All you need to do is remove your old electric fixture, disconnect the electric, and put the 3" Fitter Pole, with the lanterns attached, right on. The design itself is strong and powerful to pull its weight at your home. 


  • Solar Lamp Post Light with Triple Coach Lanterns, Brightest Gama Sonic
  • Mountable on existing 3" poles for easy conversion from electric
  • Free Shipping within the Continental United States
  • Energy efficient solar post lantern in an elegant design
  • 63 Super-Bright White LEDs, 6000K
  • Has a High or Low switch on the lantern exterior to control amount of light and light duration. The less lumens emitted, the longer the light will illuminate
  • Powered by Four Built-In, 3.2V 3000mah Lithium Ion Solar-charged Battery Packs in each fixture, for a total capacity of 12000mah
  • Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Manual on/off switch needs to be turned ON for solar fixture to come on at night
  • Solar lamp post lights have a durable, rust-resistant frame made from powder coated Cast Aluminum
  • Fixture inserts are real Beveled Glass
  • Brightness is 900 Lumens, comparable to a 200 Watt Bulb, with a 15-25 foot light spread
  • Unique patented reflective cone to brighten and spread the light
  • Light Duration up to 12 Hours
  • Mono Crystalline Solar Cell
  • Heavy duty 8 Watt Tempered Glass Solar Panel
  • Solar post lamp measures 27.5" x 27.5" x 22"
  • Includes a Two Year Warranty
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic

NOTE: The Imperial II is not available in a Flat Mount Lantern. You can go to any Home Improvement Store and ask for a 3" Fitter Pier Base, which will fit onto the Pole of this 3" Fitter Lantern. You can then mount it onto your flat top column. The cost of the Flat Pier Base is generally between $10 and $15.

Two Year Limited Warranty from Gama Sonic.

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