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Solar Lamp Post Light with Planter, 2 LED Colors, Gama Sonic Baytown

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This Baytown Solar Lamp Post Light with Planter has an extremely useful 15" Flower container at the bottom of the Pole. With the addition of your favorite flowers, this solar pole light will illuminate and enhance your deck, driveway, walkway or yard. The solar powered lamp post light will adorn your home with green energy and an impressive style.

The Baytown solar yard light includes Bright White, emitting 80 Lumens of light, AND Warm White, with 70 Lumens. With the press of a switch, you can decide on any given night if you want to showcase your home with the security of a bright light, or add a warm touch of soft lighting.

Since your flowers will need to be in a sunny location, your Baytown solar lantern should also receive enough sunshine on the solar panel to give you a light duration of up to 10 hours at night. You can now enjoy the many colors of the blooms even after the sun goes down.


  • Baytown Solar Lamp Post Light with Planter by Gama Sonic
  • Solar pole light is 77" H x 8.5" W x 15" Planter
  • Carriage Lantern is 11.5" H x 8.5" W
  • 5 Bright White 6000K LED bulbs in each post light emit 80 Lumens of light
  • 5 Warm White 3000K LED bulbs in easc pole light emit 70 Lumens of light
  • Built-in Switch to choose your LED color of choice
  • Excellent high powered 3.2V 1500mAh AA Lithium Ion battery included
  • Beautiful beveled glass enhances the overall look of your solar light pole
  • Patented cone reflector for superior light output
  • Sensor to automatically light solar lamp post planter at night
  • Weather and rust resistant
  • Energy efficient, green solar powered lighting
  • Black, powder coated finish
  • Two year limited Warranty
  • Quality production by Gama Sonic


  • Battery: 3.2V, 1500 Ma Pack Lithium-Ion
  • Charging Capacity: 1500mAh
  • LED Type: Super Bright White 6000K
  • Power Source: Solar Panel 2 Watt
  • Install outdoor solar lights in sunny location
  • Stabilize solar lamp post light with planter if needed by placing rocks in bottom of planter
  • Made from powder coated cast-aluminum
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic


  • After several years when the battery needs to be replaced, use only high quality Li-Ion, 3.2V 1500 Ma, One battery required
  • Turn your outdoor solar lamp post to OFF prior to replacing battery
  • Do not dispose of Lithium-Ion batteries in regular trash - Recycle per city, state and federal regulations
  • Clean the solar panel regularly with a damp cloth for optimum charging performance
  • Do not use harsh chemical solvents to clean your solar lantern
  • Pressure on the solar panel area of the lamp post light should always be kept to a minimum to avoid damage
Two Year Limited Warranty from Gama Sonic.

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