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Natures Solar Lights

Solar Laser Light Show -6 Red Green Outdoor Display - Free Shipping

$59.00 $44.00
(You save $15.00)

Solar Laser Light Show -6 Red Green Outdoor Display - Free Shipping

$59.00 $44.00
(You save $15.00)
In stock , ships in 1 business day.
Free Shipping

Product Description

Add the ultimate Christmas Decoration with a Solar Laser Light Show. No electricity is needed, and there is no electric cord to trip over. The metal ground stake, included with our solar laser Christmas light, makes installation easy in any sunny area of your outdoor yard. The solar projector is adjustable to cover any area you choose, from the ground up to about 3 stories high. We have Free Shipping on this solar Christmas decoration to make your Holiday Season even merrier!

The LED laser show display has Santa Claus, a Christmas Tree, and a Christmas Bell. Each one displays in Red and Green, for a total of 6 images to choose from. You can move the switch Left to Rotate, and the images will automatically flow through the rotating Santa Claus in Red and Green, the Christmas Tree in Red and Green, and the Bell in Red and Green. If you want to display just your favorite image in Red or Green, move the switch Right when you see the image you want.

These colors are also the perfect Red and Green Christmas decoration colors, at 650nm for the Red LED, and 532nm for the Green LED, and the clarity of the images is outstanding.

Please note: the LED laser beam is very powerful, and must not be pointed at any person's or animal's eyes, as the eyes could be damaged. Never look directly into the laser projector for the same reason, it would be very harmful to your eyes. Just like the laser toys for cats, play sensibly!


  • One Solar Laser Light with LED and Free Shipping
  • Install in full sun where other outdoor lighting will not affect the solar light sensor
  • Laser light show projection coverage at 16.5 feet away will be 82 square feet
  • Projection coverage at 49 feet away will be 264 square feet
  • Laser light will be brightest in total darkness conditions
  • Solar panel is 4.75" x 5.25", 5.5V 250mA Poly-crystalline
  • Includes a powerful 3.7V 1800mAh Lithium Ion Solar Battery
  • Light duration will be 4 to 6 hours on a full charge, will receive more duration on constant
  • Size of Santa Claus at 6 feet away is 5", at 10 feet away is 7.5", at 15 feet away 10.5"
  • Size of Christmas Bell at 6 feet away is 5", at 10 feet away is 7.75", at 15 feet away 11"
  • Size of Christmas Tree at 6 feet away is 4.5", at 10 feet away is 8", at 15 feet away 10.5"
  • Size of solar laser light installed is 8.5" H  x 4.5" W
  • Includes a tapered 6" Metal Ground Stake
  • Should receive 8 hours of sun for a full battery charge
  • In below freezing conditions, the LED laser light will take 15 minutes to warm up and reach its full projection strength
  • Do not shine on a reflective surface that will bounce the projection back at you
  • Do not allow children to play with the light while operating as it will be harmful to eyes

Assembly Instructions:

  • To attach metal ground stake, remove the screw, locking washer and washer from the stake
  • Use the removed parts to attach the stake to the square pivot mount on solar laser light
  • Insert stake into ground, if extremely hard ground, soften first with water
  • Adjust the projection height by loosening and tightening the adjustment knob
  • Move switch to Left for rotating images, or Right to project a specific image

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