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Natures Solar Lights

Solar Seahorse - Coastal Garden Statues with Solar Lights


Solar Seahorse - Coastal Garden Statues with Solar Lights

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Product Description

Sidney our Solar Seahorse is simply amazing. He is such a regal creature at 7.25" W x 5.5" D x 10" H and surrounded by bright Coral and beautiful seashells. Made from Cold Cast Ceramic, the wonderful colors will maintain their beauty for a long time.

This is the perfect piece of art to add to your beach themed coastal garden. Along with the amazing colorful Seahorse, you will receive Free Shipping.

Each night the solar gazing ball propped into the shell lights up when the sun goes down, and you will see Sidney the Seahorse proudly standing behind it. The LED bulbs and battery are encased in the statue. The battery is not replaceable due to this, but the beauty and mystique of the Seahorse will continue on.

Nine facts about Seahorses:

  1. Latin name is "Hippocampus", which means "Horse Caterpillar". A very appropriate name since Seahorses are poor swimmers and basically scoots and shuffles along the ocean floor.
  2. They are Monogamous and mate for life.
  3. Check this out ladies - Male Seahorses are the ones that get pregnant and bear the baby Seahorses.
  4. Baby Seahorses are known as "fry" and are on their own as soon as they're born.
  5. They can camouflage themselves by changing color to match their surroundings.
  6. Love to hide in stalks of seagrass.
  7. Eyes work independently of one another so they are aware of everything around them, even behind as they look and move forward.
  8. Fin on back propels them through water.
  9. They have no teeth or stomach, they must eat almost constantly to stay alive, AND they eat through their tube shaped nose!

How many did you know? Seahorses are amazing, and to think that - #10 and a Bonus - they are only .6" to 14" high.

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