Solar Walkway Light with Black Carriage Lantern and Shepherd Hook

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Our Gama Sonic Solar Walkway Light includes a Black Carriage Lantern and Shepherd Hook for ground installation. It stands 21.5" High installed, a great height to light up your path, driveway or sidewalk. The solar carriage lantern is 6.90" L x 9.25" W x 7.70" H, and has a Warm White LED that can be set on a High or Low Mode for light duration control. It is sold as one single light.

This solar driveway light is also one of the first Gama Sonic solar lights to feature their newest technology, morphed solar panels. Take a close look at the top portion of the lantern, and you will notice just solar panels and the light sensors in the middle, without the normal boxed and specifically sized solar panel that limited the amount of power the solar panels could pull in from the sun. 

This new solar panel technology still uses the same monocrystalline solar panels, but allows the solar panel to morph into the light fixture. All 6 sides of the carriage lantern are basically solar panel, drawing the absolute most energy from the sun that it can. The internal battery will more easily be charged to its full capacity for the longest light duration possible. 

Gama Sonic's solar walkway lights are quality, consistent solar lighting. The solar light bulb has a 10 year lifespan, so important for our busy lives. The carriage light design, weather resistant sturdy Black resin frame, durable plastic lenses, and the Black Aluminum pole and ground stake look great with any home exterior design. 

The solar carriage lantern comes with a pre-installed 3.2V AA 1500mAh Battery for a better light and longer light at night. It has a Light Duration of up to 11 hours on High Mode or 18 hours on Low Mode. The solar panels are even protected from falling branches and debris with a special Tempered Glass covering. Gama Sonic solar sidewalk lights are so worth the price! 

This solar path light will add a wonderful light to your outdoor living space at night. They will look great installed along your seating area path, driveway and sidewalk, or scattered along the front of your home to add welcoming, warm light and curb appeal. 

Here is a link to the Installation Instructions, plus a link to one of our favorite Set of 2 Solar Path Lights that have Warm White and Cool White LED, plus a completely aluminum frame.


  • One Solar Walkway Light by Gama Sonic, with Free Shipping
  • Easy installation by your driveway, in your yard or garden with the included ground stake
  • The light spread is about 6 feet in diameter 
  • Includes a High/Low feature for the amount of light output and duration
  • High mode emits 80 lumens of light for 11 hours, Low mode emits approximately 50 lumens of light for 18 hours
  • Solar light bulb has 11 Warm White 2700K LED, and a life span of 10 years
  • Light duration is up to 11 hours on High and 18 hours on Low
  • Solar path light has a powder coated cast aluminum pole, and a resin solar carriage light with plastic lenses
  • The Black resin material is ideal for any weather conditions, it will not be affected by high humidity and coastal area weather
  • Rechargeable 3.2V AA Lithium Ion Battery Pack with 1500mAH pre-installed
  • Morphed mono-crystalline, incredibly powerful, 4.8 Watt Solar Panel protected with Tempered Glass
  • Total Height installed of 21"
  • 7" Ground Stake is included, these won't break during installation!
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic 
Two year warranty from Gama Sonic, including the battery.

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