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Natures Solar Lights

Solar Water Fountain with LED Lights and Battery, Dual Pineapple


Solar Water Fountain with LED Lights and Battery, Dual Pineapple

Out of stock, expected August 30, 2019.
Free Shipping
Expected inventory receipt date is Aug 30th 2019

Product Description

The Solar Water Fountain with LED Lights and Backup Battery is a simple Dual Pineapple two tier design. The Gray and White speckled color will stand out in your lush green landscaping.

This Solar Powered Water Fountain is so beautiful at night when the lights shine onto the flowing water. With the Solar On Demand feature, the battery backup will run your bird bath fountain during cloudy days or for up to 4 hours at night. Read more on this huge benefit below.

Save 10% automatically with your purchase of this solar tiered fountain.


  • Solar Water Fountain with LED Lights and Backup Battery, Free Shipping
  • Solar On Demand Backup Battery Feature is for use at night and on cloudy days
  • Includes LED Lights you can place in top basin
  • Size is 19.25" x 34" H
  • Weight is 18 Pounds
  • A Solar Water Pump and 1/4" ID water hose are included
  • Solar Panel and 16 Foot cable for installing in the sun included
  • Battery is a pre-installed 7.4V 1500mAh AA Lithium Ion Rechargeable 2 Battery Pack, and needs 1 to 2 sunny days to become fully charged
  • Once battery is fully charged, it will run your solar fountain during cloudy days or at night for up to 4 hours
  • Battery may need to be replaced in 12 to 18 months
  • Made from Poly-Resin, which is very weather resistant and durable
  • One Year Warranty
  • Manufactured by Sunnydaze Decor

Solar on Demand Details:

The solar powered water fountain has a battery backup, called Solar On Demand. The battery stores energy at the same time that the sun is using the solar panel to run your solar tiered water fountain during the daytime.

The Sunnydaze Decor solar water fountain will operate on solar and battery power when set to the ON position! In good sunlight conditions, the pump will be powered by solar energy only, and will run the fountain continuously as long as the sun is shining. At the same time, the interior battery pack will be recharged via solar energy to run the water pump when the sun goes down. During cloudy days, the battery will use whatever stored energy there is to power your waterfall.  At night, the battery will automatically run the fountain for up to 4 hours if fully charged. When the batteries are depleted, the system will switch back to the solar panel mode to be charged when the sun comes out again.

When you want your solar powered water fountain to run only in the evening for your parties or special occasions, turn the pump to the OFF position one to two days before. The battery will then store all of the sun's energy during the sunny day of your party, and the fountain will start to run when you turn the pump back ON at dusk. This will ensure that the run time for your water pump will be as long as possible.

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