Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor - Remote Control - Wall or Pole

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Introducing the 2022 Classy Caps Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor Security Lighting for your home or business.

The solar motion sensor street light has:

  • 96 high performance 6000K LED for Bright White 500 lumen security lighting
  • Will detect motion at 23 to 32 feet from sensor, at 140-180 degree angle
  • Powerful 3.2V LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery Pack, with 11000mAh storage capacity
  • Integrated Motion Sensor to brighten LED to 500 lumen when movement is detected, then decrease to 250 lumen
  • Remote Control to easily change functions (see instructions below)
  • 50% Brightness or 100% Brightness choice
  • 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% brightness choices on continuous lighting with no timer
  • Timer to set lighting hours, between 2 and 8 at full 500 lumen brightness, will change to 250 lumens after hours designated, motion sensor will still be active
  • Hardware included for Wall Mount or Pole Mount installation

The design and style of the solar motion sensor for street lighting is ideal for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. The cost to light your office building with parking lot solar lights is minimal, compared to the cost of running electrical to all the islands in your parking lot that will need a pole and light installed to ensure your employees and customers have plenty of lighting to feel safe.

The versatility of this solar powered street light is possible with the hardware included. The wall mount hardware attaches to any vertical surface to light your home or office entrance, back door or side yard. The pole, with a 1.875" diameter, can be used as a retrofit for your existing electric pole light, or placed in a new 2" pole of your choice.

Specifications for Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor:

  • This industrial and modern design has cast aluminum metal framework, and IP65 waterproof technology
  • Street light dimensions are 37.2" Long x 8.7" Wide, with a Black Finish
  • Pole mount adapter is 18.25" Long, with a 1.875" Diameter
  • 96 SMD Bright White 6000K LED bulbs are incorporated with the newest technology for superior brightness
  • Has a motion detection range of 23 to 32 feet at 140-180 degrees
  • Emits 500 lumens of light when movement is detected, then decreases to 250 lumens of light after 30 seconds until movement is detected again
  • Has a 10W Mono Crystalline solar panel with clear coat protection
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack has working voltage of 3.2V, with 11000mAh storage capacity
  • Includes a light sensor for automatic on/off, must be switched to the ON position during installation, or by using the Remote Control
  • Hardware included are mounting screws for the wall mount solar motion sensor light, 1 wall mounting bracket, and pole mount adapter
  • Weight is 6 pounds
  • An electric drill, wrench and screwdriver may be needed for installation, not included with purchase
  • Manufactured by Classy Caps

Here are the Installation Instructions for this Solar Street Light

Purchase Includes:

1 – Solar Light Fixture 1 – Remote Control 1 – Wall Bracket & Post Mount 1 – Installation Accessories


Loosen four nuts on the end of the lamp body, put the post of wall bracket into the lamp body, then retighten four nuts and press the green switch to “ON”.

Wall Mount: Choose your desired location. The 4 holes on the wall bracket can be used as a template to mark the correct location. Drill 5/16” holes deep enough to accommodate mounting anchors.  Attach the light fixture to the mounting anchors. Secure by tightening the nut on to the anchors clockwise.

Pole Mount: Install the light fixture to the pole using included pole bracket and mounting bolts.

Remote Options:

A) Turn the switch to ON. The light fixture will turn on to 100% brightness, after approximately 30 seconds the light will turn to 50% brightness. When the motion sensor is activated, the light will return to 100% brightness.
B) Push the corresponding button to activate the light from 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% brightness (continuous).
C) Timer Function: Push the corresponding button to activate the light from 2 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours at 100% brightness. After the time elapses the light will turn to 50% brightness. When motion is detected, the light returns to 100% brightness for approximately 30 seconds.

To Replace The Battery:

1) Unscrew the battery cover located on the bottom of the solar light fixture.
2) Replace the battery with a new rechargeable battery of equal type and capacity. Ensure the polarity is correct.
3) Allow the fixture to receive a minimum of 24 hours of sunlight to allow the rechargeable battery to reach maximum capacity.


If the light does not turn on at dusk after 24 hours of charging:
• Check the battery to make sure it is making secure contact with the terminal.
• Be sure the solar panel is in a relatively sunny location.
• Make sure the solar panel is not affected by other light.


Periodically clean light fixture with soft cloth and warm soapy water.

One Year Limited Warranty 

One year warranty from Classy Caps, excluding battery.

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