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About Natures Solar Lights / New Dawn Products

We added a new feature to our website in 2022, for your comfort and peace of mind when placing online orders with us. We signed up with TrustPilot to send out and track reviews, not only of the products we sell, but also reviews of the service we give our customers.

It does take awhile to accumulate enough reviews from our solar light customers to have an applicable * system, so we waited until this month, January 2022, to show the results for the past 3 to 4 months of reviews. And thanks to our great customers, after 92 reviews, we have a 4.6 * rating. You will see the current rating at the top of our Home and Category pages anytime you visit, with current review numbers and our * rating. Our goal is to always be proud of the service rating we are receiving from our customers.

Natures Solar Lights is a family owned, website based small business located in the Glendale, Arizona area. Our story started in 2009 when we began offering solar powered products through our website, under our Parent Company, New Dawn Products.

Solar powered lights became our passion, and we learned everything we could about different types of lighting and batteries, and the various manufacturers that worked with retail businesses such as ours.

We have been here while solar technology improved the solar panels, LED bulbs, and the batteries used to power the solar garden lights at night. When only Bright White LED lights were available, and now beautiful Warm White, Blue and Soft White LED colors are everywhere. The changes have been fascinating to experience.

Excellent quality, every day use lighting is available, such as solar lamp post lights for yards and driveways, solar post cap lights for fence and deck posts, and DIY solar water pump panels with battery backup to create your own, unique fountain, that will last 5 to 8 years, and that's a long time for solar.

At the same time, we do understand that everyone has a budget, and not all budgets allow for the best quality solar lights available. We do offer various grades of outdoor solar powered lights that you can purchase, and will last 3 to 4 years.

When your plan is to purchase multiple solar powered lights, you may want to consider purchasing a set a month of the better quality lights, or a Gama Sonic solar carriage lantern every other month, until you have the quantity you need. It may take a bit longer to complete your project, but you'll have a better quality project when you're done.

If your budget only allows for the lower priced solar lights, please do understand that you won't receive a Land Rover when you spent the money for a Ford Escape. We wish everything had a Land Rover quality, that we could sell for a lower price, but they just do not.

Regardless of your budget, you will always find great choices for solar wall lights, solar water fountains, and fence and deck solar post cap lights.

We are also huge fans of unique solar garden statues and fun animal shaped solar lights not available in every typical storefront. Even if your main goal is buying useful solar lights only, we consider FUN AND PUTTING A SMILE ON YOUR FACE very essential. 

Our mission is your enjoyment and satisfaction with your outdoor solar powered lights purchase. Our Owner, Marcia Price, will ensure that you receive the honesty, integrity and secure shopping you deserve when you purchase solar outdoor lights for your home from us. She is the one with all the knowledge about solar and our products, and she will give you her honest opinion, if you want it or not.

Daughter Angela handles the Accounting, and tries to keep her Mom from giving away the farm with too many discounts. Someone has to be the business side of things person, right? She also keeps her Mom sane and smiling, which are the best things ever.

Angela's husband David fixes and cleans things as needed, and helps with installation of solar fixtures. 

Marcia and Angela

And now back to the other business type information:

We are very proud to have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.  With this, you can be assured of receiving excellent customer service before, during, and after your purchase. You will receive your products as presented on our website. 

Your Personal Information is Protected throughout our website with our own Dedicated EV SSL Certificate and HTTPS Lock on our website url. What does this mean to you?

  • Our Parent Company, New Dawn Products, and our Natures Solar Lights website, have been Authenticated. We are legitimate and who we say we are.
  • Your data is ENCRYPTED while you are on our website. Hackers CANNOT see what your Browser sends to and receives from our Website.
  • You can shop with Peace of Mind knowing your information is secure.

We believe in being ecologically responsible. Solar powered lights support, not burden, the eco-system, and are a green, renewable energy source. And we love solar! 

We will strive to provide you with the latest technology and newest selection of quality address solar lights, landscape and path lighting, and mesmerizing color changing solar stake lights. Our newest addition is a fantastic assortment of solar water fountains with LED lights. We will always do our best to keep prices affordable to meet your budget and needs.

When you buy from Natures Solar Lights, you will:

  • Have peace of mind knowing we are a member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Have MORE peace of mind knowing that you are Shopping on a Secure Website.
  • Receive excellent and prompt customer service. We believe we're the best around!
  • Receive the best pricing we are able to offer as a small business.
  • Have the convenience of one-stop shopping, with around 400 products in over 20 categories to choose from.
  • Help reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to ship direct from Manufacturers to you as much as possible, and stop double and triple trucking of shipments.
  • Be supporting a small family business.
  • Be creating an environmentally sound, natural surrounding for your family.

Hours of Operation:

Telephone Contact: 623-974-0787 from 8 am to 6 pm Pacific Standard Time 7 Days a Week.

Emails are answered continuously during the day from 8 am to 8 pm, PST.

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