​Top 12 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Solar LED Lights

Posted by Marcia Price on Jan 31st 2022

Outdoor Solar LED Lights Have No Electrical Wiring CostsEverywhere you drive at night you see solar path lights and driveway lights sticking out of the ground, or mounted on the entrance, or strung through the yard and in a tree. Do you still wonder why all of these crazy people have solar power instead of the electric light fixtures that wer … read more

Solar Lamp Post and Solar Landscape Lighting vs. Electric Lights

Posted by Marcia Price on Jan 27th 2016

Should you Install Solar Lamp Post Lights or Electric?Installing electric outdoor landscape lights is expensive. First you need to design the layout of your lighting to get it right the first time. You may have to pay to have that done, you definitely do not want to pay double to change the placement of a light. You will need to have someone … read more

Buy a Solar Powered Animal Light for Protection

Posted by Marcia Price on Nov 27th 2015

A Solar Powered Animal Light or Dog for Protection? Okay, so you're only protecting yourself from the dark of night, but isn't that also important? Animal solar lights are so cute while they're doing that hard protecting job. And look! He's bringing you a lantern to light the way home, what a good puppy dog! Go solo (but he mi … read more

Solar Deck Post Light Duration in Fall and Winter

Posted by Marcia Price on Nov 27th 2015

Outdoor Solar Lamp Post and Solar Post Cap LightsOutdoor solar deck post lights draw their energy to run at night from the battery that is charged by the sun as it shines on the solar panel during the day. During the months of March through September, the battery generally charges to 100% of its capacity on sunny days, thanks to the overhead sun an … read more

Outdoor Solar Landscape and Garden Lights Conserve Our Resources

Posted by Marcia Price on Nov 27th 2015

Solar Landscape Lighting and Solar Garden Lights Save EnergyMany people still think that this environmentally friendly and conserving energy thing is just a waste of time and "energy". It is not going to make much difference in the world if they just continue what they have always done. They say, "Solar Lights? Yeah, they look nice, but I alrea … read more

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