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Solar Hanging & Table Lanterns

Solar hanging lanterns and table candle lights are easy to use and useful for outdoor entertaining, with no electrical wiring required.

We have copper solar hanging metal lights that look great in trees, or hanging from your patio. If you want fun and unique hanging solar lanterns, check out our star gazing lanterns in great, bold colors. Our selection of hanging and table solar lanterns is one of the best, so browse to your heart's content, and choose the perfect lanterns for your home.

Our largest decorative solar lanterns are the 24" San Rafael Estate Solar Lantern, and 15" San Rafael Mission II with Amber candles. You can hang them on a Shepherd's Hook in your garden, set them on your courtyard wall, or place them on your patio table. They will look impressive wherever you need a touch of light.

The colorful Chinese solar lantern string lights are always fun to hang from your patio or trees to brighten your outdoor living space

These solar lanterns for tables can be used indoors or outdoors. Place them on your sunny patio table to have light every night. Or you can charge the candle in the sun during the day, and at night create a beautiful table or bar area indoors for entertaining your guests.

Decorative outdoor solar hanging lights make great gifts for your family and friends on special occasions, as house warming presents, or just because they are special.

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