Customer Service Testimonials


"Thank you so much! I am very impressed with your customer service! I will be sure to recommend your business!" Karen, Pittsfield, MA (April, 2024)

"Hi Marcia, I wish to stay in touch as I truly appreciate the service I received from you and Natures Solar. Please note my gratitude, the replacement light is working fine." Matt, Lynnville, Tennessee (January, 2024)


"Thanks so much Marcia for getting this addressed so quickly. I really appreciate all of your great customer service in getting the lights to work properly. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Year. Neil" California (December, 2023) 


"Thank you, thank you, Marcia! You're the best!" Suzanne, Mystic, Connecticut (September, 2023)

"THANK YOU very much for the speed and thoroughness with which you addressed our issue. That level of customer service is unique in this day & age! Thanks, Terri" Fenwick Island, Delaware (August, 2023)

"Thank you for being so kind and helpful." Charles, Bulls Gap, Tennessee (June, 2023)

"Hi Marcia, Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Enjoy the rest of your day. Lena" (May, 2023 from another Naturally Solar customer with problems, we have Naturally Solar's website to refer their customers to,, they sell their lights through Costco and are not associated with Natures Solar Lights whatsoever)

"Hi Marcia, Thank you for update. Keeping my fingers crossed. You have been a great help! You provided great customer service. Best, Alenda" Mount Holly, North Carolina, (May, 2023)

"Thank you so very much Marcia. I received the replacement parts. I now have a beautiful light that exceeded my expectations. This lamp looks even better 'in person'. It is perfect for my designated location. So very much appreciate your phenomenal service. Anne" Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada (May, 2023)

"Again...I am 'blown away' by the immediate attention my inquiry has received. I certainly trust whomever in your company realizes what a super ambassador you are for Natures Solar Lights. Anne" Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada (May, 2023)

"Marcia, Thanks very much! Excellent customer service I must say. You're the best! Matt", Wooster, Ohio (May, 2023)

"You are awesome!" Brian, London, Ontario, Canada (May, 2023)

"Good afternoon, I just received the package, I absolutely love my little fox! Thank you for your prompt response. Very Happy Customer, Pat." Granby, Massachusetts (May, 2023)

"Thanks Marcia for the excellent customer service! Have a great day! Erika" Charlotte, North Carolina (April, 2023)

"Thanks. You have been wonderful to deal with." Jacqueline, Moreno Valley, California (April, 2023)

"Thanks so much - it's nice to see great customer service! That is lacking nowadays! I appreciate your help with this. Have a great weekend. Mark"  Landenberg, Pennsylvania (October, 2022)

"Hi Marcia, It was like Christmas when I went to the Mailbox! The Shipping box was damaged so I took pics before opening it, but everything is fine. That dog and cat (color changing solar stake lights) are the greatest! I fixed my other two with what you sent so now I am just enjoying. I am sending a dragonfly with my grandson to their cabin by the lake in Canada. Thanks for everything. Mary" (May, 2022)

"Marcia, Thank you so much, I appreciate your generosity and I love the solar (color changing) stakes. So does my grandson as he comes to visit and I seem to always be missing one when he leaves for home. Mary S" (May, 2022) 

"Thank you so very much for your professionalism and great customer service." Ray (May, 2022)

"Wow this is probably the best customer service I've ever received in my life! Thank you so much for that information." Katherine (April, 2022) Another person that was having problems with Naturally Solar lights and couldn't locate them. We gave her the information she needed to contact Naturally Solar direct. We do our best to help you even if you are not our customer.

"Thank you, Marcia! You're AWESOME! I will have a look at the manual and make my decision a.s.a.p. I've been experimenting with small solar fountains with modest success. I feel like the battery back up (you sent me information on) should solve my problems. Thanks again!! Missy" (March, 2022)

"Marcia, Thank you. Got the fixture yesterday and it keeps up with the others now. You really provide excellent customer service unlike other distributors. Thanks again." William (March, 2022)

"Hi Marcia, I got your message and a huge thank you for helping resolve my fountain problem. I'll be on the lookout for the replacement. Best, Kristin" (February, 2022)

"Really appreciated the help on a Sunday. You sound like me and work all the time. I have been self-employed for over 40 years and I am still working. All the the Customer Service!! Bob" (January, 2022)

"Hi Marcia, I just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement (bird) feeder and all is well. My wife loves it but of course, with it being so cold here in Central NY she doesn't want to put it out yet. She really likes the light so I'll hang it somewhere in the house until she says I can put it outside. I appreciate your help with this. Have a great weekend!!! John" New York (January, 2022)


"Hello Marcia. What a nice surprise! Received in good order. Attractive and sturdy (GS-8 Aspen Solar Carriage Lantern). Looking forward to the Spring for placement. I will send you a photo once it goes up. A pleasure working with you. Take good care. Ellen" Avon, Connecticut (January, 2022.

"Thanks so much Marcia. It never dawned on me they (WG322 Stained Glass solar cap lights for 3.5x3.5, 4x4 and 5x5 posts) could be adapted to all sizes. I'm impressed at your speedy reply. YIKES! You are wonderful. Have an amazing weekend. Linda" Torrance, California (November, 2021)

"Thank you so much for helping an old lady! Yes, you are right I forgot to toggle the AUTO/ON switch the way I had done with the previous caps!! I am grateful for your help though, thank you so much, I love these lights and so does my renter who lives next door. Patrizia" San Diego, California (November, 2021)

"Customer service in most cases amounts to '"there is nothing we can do'. That is NOT the case with you. You have gone above and beyond. I could not be happier with you. Thank you very much for putting the word 'Service' back into Customer Service. You have been great!!!" Tim C, Lake Tapawingo, Missouri (October, 2021)

"I appreciate your help. Good customer service is hard to find these days, and I value your time and effort in fixing my issue. Thank you! Destini" Sunrise, Florida (September, 2021)

"Best service ever! Marcia was gracious enough to speak with me at length on finding the best lighting for my Trex decking. Confidently I ordered two and they are a perfect fit with just the right amount of lighting for our situation. Very good quality (powder coated, heavy aluminum). I feel I have a friend in the business. I will be ordering additional ones and recommending them to anyone needing outdoor lighting." Donna, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas (September, 2021)

"Again, thanks for the update. It has been a crazy year and I understand that. The fact that you have kept in touch says a lot about being good business people with your customer in mind. Look forward to receiving a tracking number. Valerie" (August, 2021) NOTE: From one of our many customers that placed Backorders for products, and waited so patiently through delay after delay during overseas shipping, customs and dock delays, and more delays due to US transportation shortages. We have such incredible customers! Marcia, Natures Solar Lights

"Hi Marcia, I spoke with Mike and we are all set! Thank you so much for your help! I wish you the best, Sincerely, Bill" (August, 2021)

"Thanks and thanks for the great customer service!" Stephen, California (August, 2021)

"Thank you ever so much for the information and commend you for guiding me in the right direction. For future I will be looking at your site for solar lights! Thanks" Elaine D (August, 2021) NOTE: This was another customer having problems with solar lights manufactured by Naturally Solar (not us, we are Natures Solar Lights for the past 12 years). I gave her the website and Customer Service number to contact them for assistance.

"Marcia, Wow, a response this quickly on Sunday night no less! That is truly impressive and a great example of customer service! The actual size (of post cap lights) I need is the 4 1/16 for a sleeved 4x4 post. My error, don't know where my senior head was at! (John needed return instructions) Thank you for your diligence!" John, Fredericksburg, Virginia (August 2021)

"Thank you for your attentiveness and timely response to my recent issue. It is a pleasure doing business with a merchant who is genuinely interested in customer satisfaction. Tim" West Chester, Pennsylvania (July, 2021)

"Thank you Marcia. Your customer service is exemplary! Take care. Charlie" Waterford, Connecticut (July, 2021)


The email below, received from Mia, is in response to her dealings with Naturally Solar, who we are NOT, after Marcia at Natures Solar Lights gave her the proper website and phone number to contact to talk with Naturally Solar.

For all the people purchasing lights at Costco, Naturally Solar is a manufacturer that sells their products at Costco stores. We are Natures Solar Lights, a retail website to purchase solar lights from. We work with various manufacturers (check out our Brands on the left side), but NOT Naturally Solar.

Because our names are so similar, and Naturally Solar seems to prefer being somewhat incognito, we get a ton of emails and phone calls about problems with their lights, and LED bulbs burning out. We have done our own research, since even Costco doesn't know who they are, and now refer phone calls and emails to the proper company, which is, 800-980-0428. We are always glad to help you, even if the problem doesn't involve the products we sell.

"I contacted them (Naturally Solar), the first lady I spoke to no help. She was asking about the box that the lights come in. We don't have the box. Big Problem. I got all the numbers from the internet, but still was no good. She told me to contact Costco maybe they can help me with those numbers. I think that is the tactic they use to get the customers to stop asking. But I call again this time I spoke to a nice lady, she told me to take pictures and maybe she can help me. So, I did. Now is waiting time. I'm very grateful for all your help and you don't even work for them. You must be a special person.

Thank you so much. All the best. Mia Chwalczynski" (May, 2021)

"Hi Marcia, looks like the final package was delivered a few minutes ago! I want to thank you for all your help after UPS messed things up. Life is never without problems but most important is how one deals with it. I really appreciate how you dealt with it and kept me in the loop! I plan to install them over the weekend. Thank you and have a wonderful evening. Pratik" (April, 2021)

"This is fantastic!!! Despite some hiccup (beyond out control) end result is perfect! Appreciate your perseverance to make this happen. Thank you Marcia! Pratik" (April, 2021)

"Marcia, thank you so very much. You made this a joy. Randy" (March, 2021)

"Thank you Marcia I appreciate your quick response, pleasure doing business with you." Kevin (March, 2021)

"Thank you for responding and honoring your promise. That tells me what kind of company you are...the kind I will refer to others. Thanks again!!" Tina (March, 2021)

"I sincerely appreciate you trying to help, in spite of the fact that you aren't even the correct vendor! I wish there was more service like this in the world. One million thanks!" (February, 2021)

"Thank you! This gives me confidence in your business for when it's time to order additional lights. Cheers, Kimberly" (February, 2021)

Have a wonderful day! You've put a smile on my face just knowing somebody went above and beyond today to help with something so silly (my ignorance on installation) LOL. Again-much thanks! Nikki B" (January 2021)

"Hi again!! It has finally stopped raining and the battery has been recharging in wonderful bright sunlight and tonight, my Solar light is glowing beautifully! Thank you so much for your help! Judy" Gallatin, Tennessee (December 2020)

"Marcia, Thank you for this information. We are still looking into what we are going to do for this light (they live in extreme cold conditions). If we decide solar is the best we will definitely be purchasing the lights from you. Your honesty and help in this has been refreshing and appreciated. Diana" (October, 2020)

"Just wanted to let you know that (the Soft White LED exchange post cap lights) arrived and they look great! The Golden Warm fixture heads are heading back out in today's mail. Thank you again for all of your help, and I really appreciate the great communication! -Walt" Churchville, Pennsylvania (October, 2020)

"Morning Ms. Marcia, We did receive the replacement light. Thank you for the great service!!!!!" Kris, Texas (September, 2020)

"I really appreciate the continued communication and updates. Thank you so much for the details! Walt" Churchville, PA (August, 2020) NOTE FROM NATURES SOLAR LIGHTS: All retailers are going through issues with out of stock inventories right now due to Covid-19 caused shortages. We do maintain communications with our customers that have Back Orders, to keep them up to date on when inventory will be received, if there have been additional delays, and when their order should ship. We want to help ease their mind that they and their order have not been forgotten. No one needs the additional stress of wondering if they will ever receive the order they paid for. Marcia, Natures Solar Lights

"Thank you so much. Got the refund today. BTW, your customer service is impeccable. Spot on. The quality of the products was also top notch. Unfortunately, we decided to go with hard wired led post lights, which was not a reflection on your company nor Classy Caps. Kudos, John" Cheswick, Pennsylvania (August, 2020)

"Thanks for your excellent customer service!!" Dee, North Carolina (August, 2020)

"Awesome, thank you so much! #BestCustomerServiceEver" Miray, Tampa, Florida (August, 2020)

"Thank you so much for the discount. I appreciate and we are so excited to get our new deck lights from you all. Heather" Macon, Georgia (July, 2020)

"Hello; Thank you so much for your stellar Customer Service by quickly refunding my order mistake. I will visit your site first whenever in need of Solar Related items. I will recommend you to friends & family as well. Thank you again. J" (July, 2020)

"I want you to know what a gracious and kind person you are. I appreciate all of the time that you have spent with me taking care of me. May you be showered with blessing for all of your kindness and goodness.

We need more people with the characteristics you possess in this world.

You are a gem. Lynn" Roseville, California (July, 2020)

"Hi Marcia, Just wanted to say that the post cap lights look great. Neighbors are even jealous. Thank you for all your help. Jim" Staten Island, New York (June, 2020)

"Hi Marcia. Absolutely love the item (E57). It came a day ahead of schedule, packed carefully, a box in a box. So pleased with how it looks in the garden. Will be certain to order more items from my wish list. Thanks for your assistance. Outstanding customer service. Appreciation, Arlene" Huntington, New York (June, 2020)

"You, the company and your service, have been great and appreciated so I will give a review that acknowledges that. Unfortunately, it's rare and you get used to an average type of service where there is no excitement after the sale of a product. If I seemed harsh at first please accept my have been awesome and professional the entire time. Have a great night Marcia!" Cary, California (May 2020)

"Thanks so much for your help, quick replies, and quick turnaround on shipping. I certainly have a lot of confidence in your company after speaking with you. Thank you! Sincerely, Alissa" Northvale, New Jersey (May, 2020)

"I promise you, our next solar ANYTHING will come from you. You have been the kind of online vendor that everyone wants to do business with. Later today I'll post to FB and our local NextDoor about your business. Many thanks, Mark" NOTE FROM NATURES: Mark's solar dog, purchased years ago from another retailer, quit lighting due to the circuitry. The manufacturer does not carry parts, so I offered to send him a new solar panel and battery compartment from one of our dogs in inventory, and this is how he responded, an incredibly thoughtful customer "No Marcia, you must not do that, since then YOU will have a dog with no light." Not everyone would care about that, but Mark did, and he did actually post a wonderful recommendation on our Facebook page. Thanks for your kind consideration, Mark! Marcia, Natures Solar Lights (May, 2020)

"Hi Marcia, I got my product today and I thank you very much for your part in it. If it had not been for you, it might not have gone as smooth as it did! If it don't stop raining here, I might have to order a boat from you! Ha! Thank you again! Clarence" Graham, North Carolina (February, 2020)

"Marcia, what a fantastic gesture! For this you have received a new, loyal customer and I will spread the word about your business. When I first received notice from Paypal that I was being refunded, I immediately thought "Crap! I am only going to end up with "X" amount because they are discontinued or something". This (unexpected refund for a volume purchase) is truly refreshing! I hope you have a wonderful day because you just made mine!" Larry, Little Falls, Minnesota (June, 2019)

"Thanks again Marcia. You have been so helpful from our first encounter, and your company has earned our praise and referrals." Nancy and Dick (June 4, 2019)

"I really appreciate how quickly you resolved our problem. That is what I call great customer service. Thank you again. Kathy" Divide, Colorado (March, 2019)

"Many thanks to Marcia for her patience and help with my inquiry. If the company is anything like her, you must be a GREAT company." D Seltzer, Virginia

"Hi Marcia, Just wanted to drop a note and say the batteries were received last week. I'm not diligent in checking our email as I should be, so I apologize. That said, we have no concerns with you or Gama Sonic as you always stand by your products and warranty.

We are very satisfied with our lamp, but most importantly, you and your company. Every time I have called or emailed you, our expectations have been exceeded.

It is always a pleasure to speak with you, and just wanted to say thanks again for the great after market service you have provided. Sincerely, Cindy" (Memphis, Texas)

"Dear Marcia, I've been meaning to send you a thank you for awhile now. Both of the solar lights are working very well for my parents. In this age of on-line ordering, it is often very daunting to place an order with a credit card that goes off into cyberspace. Trying to later get customer service proves to be almost impossible.

Thank you for prompt and helpful responses to our issue. I have nothing but praise for you and your company, and will recommend you to my friends. Sincerely, Todd Kelly"

"Marcia, Thank you very much for the excellent service. I appreciate the extra batteries. Bernie" 

"Thanks. Extremely happy with Classy Caps 5x5 Majestic. They actually match the color of fence and out of the box at 7 pm and stayed bright until 7 am. Very happy customer." Brian McCabe, October, 2018

"First of all I'd like to apologize for putting an unfavorable review on a page I thought was just for telling someone what I experienced. After being contacted, I was informed that any complaints would be taken care of, and "taken care of" they were. 

I will be getting replacements shortly and I so appreciate that. I love the solar planter lights, and am so appreciative of the company, Natures Solar Lights (Gama Sonic reseller) who is handling my Gama Sonic lights that don't work. There's no problem when a customer service department bends over backwards to rectify the problem. 

Thank you especially to Marcia Price for handling this so promptly. I will definitely buy again from Natures Solar Lights. Yvonne" 

"Thanks again, and should I need any more lights, I know where I'm buying next time. You just gained a loyal customer. Tom" Bloomington, Minnesota

Richard was looking for a hard to find 2/3AA 1.2V Ni-CD 600mah solar battery, and contacted to see if we carry them. We do not carry this battery, but knowing how hard it is for customers to find, we checked out a couple of internet battery supply companies that we are familiar with, found the solar battery he needed, and sent the links to Richard to make his search much easier. We generally do not hear back from customers, if we don't have the product they are looking for, but Richard sent this email back to us: 

"It was severely awesome of you to do this research when you so much did not have to. Your company will be remembered for this." Richard W

We received the following review from Chris in Washington DC. He just wanted to surprise his wife while she was out of town....

"We ordered landscaping and LED post cap lights from

I irritated my 14-year-old daughter by asking her to put down her cell phone for 10 minutes and measure the top of the post for the light fixture. About 30 seconds later she returned and said they were 4 inches. So, we ordered the 4" x 4" lights, of course when they arrived, they were way too small. (The posts were actually 6" x 6".)

So, I reached out to the company via email and I was fortunate enough to have Marcia Price respond. I told her that we had inadvertently ordered the wrong sized post caps. So, Marcia explained that sometimes the mounting bases are interchangeable with the fixture heads, so she would look at what I ordered to see if that was possible and save us some money. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but she gave me several options, with the best being that they would ship out the 6" lights while I was returning the 4" and they would pass in the mail, which we did.

The 6" were a little large, but they worked. She also recommended that I caulk around the lights to prevent moisture from entering, which was a great idea.

I had wanted to surprise my family with custom Blue LED bulbs in the lights, when they returned home and saw it, they said 'our house looks like a 1970's disco tech'.

So, my surprise backfired and I had to go back to Marcia with my tail between my legs and explain that I now needed White LED bulbs instead of blue, and she said, 'no worries, I will ship White bulbs, along with postage to return the blue ones', and she sent emails with detailed instructions between each process, it was amazing! I have NEVER experienced customer service like this, it was above and beyond ... just exceptional from beginning to end, and as you can see the product looks amazing. (Chris' pictures are inserted into the product page images.)

Highly recommend the company and if you have any issued, as I did, I can assure you that Marcia will take good care of you, first class company and products!!

Marcia made something very complex in my mind, very simple!!

Chris - Washington DC"


"We finally had a decent weather day so we could change out the batteries in our light. That fixed our problem! Once again we want to tell you how much we appreciate your help and friendly service. We are really enjoying our light, and would recommend your company to anyone looking for a solar light. Thanks again, and Happy New Year to you and yours. Billy and Cindy" (January, 2018)

"Thank you SO much for being so prompt and helpful in this matter. The snowflakes are pretty at night, which I enjoy very much. You have a wonderful Christmas! Kathy" (December, 2017)

"Marcia, Thank you so much for your help. It was a pleasure speaking with you when I was trying to determine what to order, and again when I needed assistance. I wanted to let you know, when we were considering a solar light, your company was the only one out of four that took the time to answer any questions and make suggestions. I never forgot the conversation and how pleasant you were. My husband and I are so pleased with the light and pole. I was expecting 1 battery, but once again you went above. I wish all businesses treated their customers as nicely as you treat yours! I will make sure to email you and let you know if this fixed the problem. Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to you and yours, Billy and Cindy" (December, 2017)

"Marcia, thanks for standing behind your product. I am in process of referring you to a neighbor." Larry (October, 2017)

"Marcia, Thanks so much for the blinking Butterfly gift. This AM I have it out on the deck already. Such a wonderful gesture. I really appreciate this so much!!!" Sharon (July, 2017)

"Thank you very much, I guess I picked the right company to deal with. Thank you again and have a great 4th." John, Florida (July, 2017)

"Marcia, I want to thank you again for your top notch customer service. You're awesome!!!! Gary, Sheboygan, Wisconsin" and "Thanks again for all your help, and I will use your expertise in the future. Gary" (June, 2017)

"You have outstanding customer service. I couldn't believe you answered me the same day. WOW." Barbara (May, 2017)

"Thank you so much for all you've done in getting me a replacement Angel in such a timely manner, I really do appreciate all you have done. You are a great asset to your company, Natures Solar Lights!! Best Regards, JoAnn" (April, 2017)

"Thank you so much! What a great company, I really appreciate it! I definitely give your company big kudos!!" Peggy, Hampton, New Hampshire (February, 2017)

"Hi Marcia, I would like to thank you for great customer service. You went above & beyond so Thank You. Tom is still talking about it. Looking forward to our new lights. Thanks again, Sandy" Yuma, Arizona (February, 2017)

"Our lights arrived yesterday, and I was surprised with how fast they arrived after I ordered. The lights are great!" Betty in Albany, Oregon (February, 2017)

"Awesome -- an honorable retailer!! You made my day. Happy New Year, and continued success." Mary in Plant City, Florida (January, 2017)

"Thank you Marcia! When the warmer weather returns here to Pennsylvania, I'll definitely be shopping on your website again for some great outdoor goodies! I can't thank you enough for your wonderful customer service." Christine in Media, Pennsylvania (January, 2017)

"Mrs. Price I would like to say thanks for the hassle free return (he ordered the wrong size of solar fence post lights). The (new) lights are working great as I had hoped for, everyone around me loves them, and I hope they will order some also." Scott in Moody, Alabama (August, 2016)

"Received the lights on Wednesday, installed them and everything works great. Thanks for great service." Rich in Hennepin, Illinois (July, 2016)

"Marcia thank you so much for the friendly service and quick delivery." Patricia, Cheektowaga, New York (July, 2016)

"Just to let you know that I received my replacement a little while ago and it is great! Thank you for being so understanding and prompt. We are very satisfied customers. Again, thank you." James, Virginia Beach, Virginia (July, 2016)

"Thank you for all your cooperation and attention to this. Great customer service!" Jeff in Glouchester, Massachusetts (July, 2016)

"That was such a beautiful gesture. We love your lights and will continue to do business with you in the future." John in Hellertown, Pennsylvania (June, 2016)

"You are the BEST!!!!!!!" Russ in Dover, Tennessee (June, 2016)

"You're awesome!" Kaye in Galena, Kansas (June, 2016)

"I can't thank you enough for your prompt response to this matter. I don't think I've ever dealt with a company so accommodating and pleasant to deal with! I will recommend this company to anyone! Barb" Belchertown, MA (May, 2016)

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your help on this. I look forward to ordering more items. Wonderful company and very helpful customer service. Thanks a lot. Lori F" (May, 2016)

"Thank you so much. I love doing business with honest, kind people." Denise, Conway, South Carolina (April, 2016)

"Marcia, thank you for your excellent customer service. Dan" Hinsdale, Illinois (April, 2016)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful discount. You are so generous and thoughtful and I want you to know I really appreciate the help. I have such a big yard, it is so easy to over spend my budget before I realize it. As you can tell by my order, I am anxious to start working on my yard. 

I was so impressed with your website. You have really made some wonderful changes. I decided to try the order on line with a credit card and it was so user friendly and very easy, I love it. I can't think of anything else to make it any better than it is right now unless you can add more and more solar products. I have received my notification that my order has shipped so I am looking forward to receiving all my goodies. You will always have a customer and a friend with me and I hope some day to visit Arizona." Lisa, Memphis, Tennessee (February, 2016)

"Thank you for the excellent customer service. I am eager to try the new battery, and am fairly confident that the issue is resolved. Best, Tim" Little Rock, Arkansas (February, 2016)

"Thank you Marcia. Vice nice customer service and a personal touch. Don't see that much anymore. I will be back to your website. Julie" Ocala, Florida (November, 2015)

"Thank you so much for all of your help to make this situation as pleasant as possible. I know that I will be back to Natures Solar Lights because of you and your efforts. Thank you again. Gary " Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (November, 2015)

"Hi Marcia, I received the replacement batteries you sent. Can't thank you enough for all of your support. You are the best. Dot" Gloucester City, New Jersey (October, 2015)

"Thank you for all your help. Enjoy doing business with you. Have a great day." Donald, Oakmont, Pennsylvania (October, 2015)

"Thanks for the email confirmation. The replacement you sent worked very well last night. So far so good. Once again I want to thank you for your patience and all of your help. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with Natures Solar Lights. We very much appreciate you and your company." Judy, Thurmont, Maryland (October, 2015)

"I am just loving the turtles and starbursts (solar garden stake lights). I can't decide which I like the best. I might be calling to order some more, they are really some of the best solar lights and designs I have ever seen, and so reasonable in price. Please keep me posted on new solar items. I am so thankful I found you and your company. Happy Fall," Lisa, Memphis, Tennessee (September, 2015)

"Marcia - Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and products. I cannot wait to get these installed!" Ron, Binghamton, New York (September, 2015)

"Thanks for the quick turn around." Ivan, Kansas City, Missouri (September, 2015)

"Thank you so the customer service from you. I love both of the lights and think they look great. I will send you a photo of the finished sign with the lights on it. Thank you again." Tandy, Centre, Alabama (September, 2015)

"We received our replacement batteries and the lights seem to be working fine. Thank you so much for your help. It is so nice to deal with a company who stands behind their products and provides quality customer service. I have recommended your company to a neighbor and will continue to do so. Thanks again." Judy, Thurmont, Maryland (August, 2015)

"Thanks so much. You have been wonderful." Cristyn, Kansas City, Missouri (August, 2015)

"Again, thank you for the discount and outstanding service. Regards, Jeff" Gloucester, Massachusetts (August, 2015)

"Thank you! You were the only place I found that carried this model in White (Carriage Solar Lantern Fence Post Cap Lights). Great selection, I'll be sure to shop here again. Best, Sarah." New York (August, 2015)

"Thank you very much. These lights (Atlantic Solar 6x6 Black Solar Post Cap Lights) look great on our new deck. Fit perfect. Sure will recommend you in the future." Cheryl & Jim, Idaho (July, 2015)

"Wow, refunded an additional 10%? That's so awesome. You guys rock. Thank you." Jonathan, North Carolina (June, 2015)

"Thanks so much. I'll keep looking at your website to purchase items in the future and tell close friends of ours about the great products you have to offer as well." Mark, New Mexico (June, 2015)

"Thank you so much for upgrading the batteries and the extra discount. I can't wait to see the lights on my deck! I will probably be ordering more solar lights soon." Brad, Ohio (May, 2015)

"Greeting Marcia, Once again, many thanks. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. Enjoy your summer." Jan, Pennsylvania (May, 2015)

"Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL customer service!" Chris, Georgia (April, 2015)

"Thank you for your great customer service." Will, Texas (April, 2015) Note from NSL, Will was let down by Amazon, they only shipped him a solar panel when he ordered a complete solar pump, panel, battery pack and LED light. He came to us in a time crunch, and we took care of him!

"Thank you so much for the shipping information. I wish all companies I deal with were as efficient as you are in communication and customer service. It has been a pleasure to do business with you......Please feel free to use my email regarding my experience with your company. I am sure other consumers would like to have the same personal care that I received, it's an experience from an era long gone." Cheryl, Hidden Valley Lake, CA (February 4, 2015)

"Thank you so much for the swift response. The batteries were in the mail when we got you said and the refund reflects on my account. What great customer service, I will be recommending your site to anyone who is interested in outdoor solar lighting. You are awesome! Have a wonderful day, Debra" California (January 25, 2015)

"Oh my goodness I am so thrilled (the tulip lights I meant to order) were shipped yesterday. A HUGE THANK YOU. My family is visiting next weekend and I will be able to get the lights up in time. Margo" Holly Lake Ranch, Texas (December 6, 2014)

"Thank you so very much. You have been more than gracious in helping take care of this. I'm looking forward to receiving them and thank you for the extra batteries and shipping refund. I'm impressed with you and your company, and would not hesitate to do business with you again. Margo" Holly Lake Ranch, Texas (December 5, 2014) NOTE from Natures Solar Lights: Margo had accidentally ordered the wrong product, and we worked with her to get the lights she really wanted shipped to her quickly, with an added gift since she felt so bad about the oops!

"Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season as well, Marcia!! It's always great to do business with you." Deborah, New Mexico (November, 2014)

"Thank you so much for exemplary customer service!!" Pam (October, 2014)

"We just received the Imperial post caps and they are already in place! They are really nice and are a high quality item. We are so pleased. And, most of all, thank you for all your personal attention, wonderful help in answering all my questions, and getting them shipped to us so quickly! Thank you!!" Pat, Wyoming (October, 2014)

"Hi Marcia, I called and asked you some questions in reference to my order. I just wanted to say you gave me great CUSTOMER SERVICE. I WILL BE ORDERING AGAIN SOON. THANK YOU!!" Blondell, Maryland (October, 2014)

"Good evening. I would like to thank you very much for all of the help you have given me. I really do appreciate you going above and beyond!!!! We did receive the lights and have set them up. They are all working very well at this time. We enjoy them a lot, they are just beautiful." Jerry, Maine (August, 2014)

"Pump arrived and is working well. Thanks Marcia, you really fixed my issue. I will certainly do more business with your company in the future. Thanks again." Tim, New York (August, 2014)

"Thank you, Marcia. GREAT customer service." Jan, Ohio (July, 2014)

"Thank you very much for your helpful, friendly and professional customer service, Marcia!" Molly, South Carolina (July, 2014)

"Oh my goodness, that was fast! Thank you so much for all your help with this issue, I really appreciate your speedy response!" Kim, Michigan (July, 2014)  (NSL - one of the solar butterfly lights had one of five LED not lighting, replaced same day picture received.) 

"Hi Marcia, Thank you SO much for the 10% discount, I just love all your solar lights!  I will definitely be shopping with you again." Kim, Michigan (July, 2014)

"Thanks for being so good about this and being easy to work with. Not common these days!" Linda, Missouri (July, 2014) (NSL - one of twelve solar post cap lights was not working and was replaced.)

"Thanks for the update, Marcia, and appreciate the additional discounts. I have done business with you before, and had my father-in-law buy from you as well, and this is example why. Great customer service and an excellent product! Thanks," Nate, Illinois (June, 2014)

"Marcia, I wanted to say thank you for your help. I have been looking for some good solar lights for my back yard. Your company was the only one I could find that offered the different (LED) color options and still got good reviews. I went to about five shops in my area and wasn't satisfied with what I found. I was very pleased when I looked on the web and found your site. I now know where to look next time I need to replace the ones in my front yard. Thank you again."  Paul, Florida (June, 2014)

"Got the four deck post lights today and they look great. The only ones I have found that were really made for a 6 x 6 deck post. No cutting required. Turned them on as per instructions and I have installed all four. Took all of three minutes. You have great products and I highly recommend your website." Craig, Texas (Craig purchased the Atlantic Solar 6x6 Custom Hammered Bronze Solar Post Caps) (May, 2014)

"I was excited to find out that after placing my order just yesterday, I would be receiving it in 2 days! Wow! That was SUPER fast! You have AWESOME customer service, it's hard to come by these days. The ease of viewing the products, along with an easy checkout and rapid response time...I give Natures Solar Lights a big thumbs up!" Angela, Arizona (May, 2014)

"Such a treat to get customer service these days! WOOHOOO!" Kristina, Massachusetts (May, 2014)

"Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service, it really is appreciated!" Emily, Pennsylvania (April, 2014)

"Marcia, Thank you so much for the quick delivery and a surprise refund. I will continue to order thru your website. Great customer service. I have and will continue to recommend your site. Thanks," Donna, Florida (January, 2014)

"I just got my Mom and Dad's fountain this morning. I couldn't believe it. That is Service! I can't thank you enough. YOU'RE THE BEST. Thanks a million. Have a wonderful Christmas. You made ours! Thanks again! Merry Christmas, Kay", Minnesota (December, 2013)

"I LOVE the lighthouse and the (flickering amber) lanterns! Everything arrived Perfect!! Excellent Quality - Beautiful. Thank you again for such a quick transaction. You're the best! Take care, Linda", California (September, 2013)

"Thank you for the 10% discount! Just wanted to let you know how I came across your company. My husband and I stayed at a place in Montana called the Hobbit House of Montana, which is a 20-acre fantasy land of the Shire from the Hobbit book. It's hard to explain how wonderful and beautiful it is. They use many of your products and link to you on their website. I haven't been a fan of solar before but they seemed to work well and were recommended by the Hobbit House owner (Steve). So, hopefully they will be okay in our northwest weather! Thanks again! Kelli" (August, 2013) NOTE: Click HERE to visit the Hobbit House of Montana website.

"Hi Marcia, I can't thank you enough for the great service you have provided during this experience. You never left me hanging wondering if my Dad would receive the Wind Spinner or not. The constant communication was awesome! I work in Customer Service and am thankful to have had someone on the other end, who had the customer experience in mind. Thanks again!" Lisa, Colorado (The Post Office did not deliver to her Dad's physical address, so they refused the shipment. Package was returned, re-sent to Lisa at no extra shipping charge. June, 2013)

"Thank you for sending my order so promptly. I am so looking forward to receiving them and cannot wait to put them in my garden. I am glad that they will arrive before I leave and can enjoy my vacation at ease without having to worry about the shipment. Once again, thank you and I hope to do more business with you. I will definitely have to tell my friends and family about your website." CN (June, 2013)

"Thank you Marcia..........the comments other customers have made about you seem accurate. You're very pleasant and's a pleasure! Your company hopefully realizes your worth........." Brian, Texas (May, 2013)

"Good morning; I ordered the solar pendant lights and some solar post caps as well (after receiving your email). It has become a rarity; true customer service. I never expected the response that you gave; suggestions and addressing "my-needs", actually caring to get me the product I needed. So many companies sell you the product that they want to sell, get rid of, "push", etc.. It was a pleasure doing business and I'll be back and I will tell others. Thanks. Tom" (May, 2013)

"Marcia, Thanks so much. Received the butterfly and hummingbird spinners today. Even nicer than I expected. Look forward to receiving the rest of the order. You certainly have a new customer in me and I'll share your site with my friends and family. Best wishes Karen" (April, 2013)

"Hi Marcia, The (Copper Stainless Steel Solar Carriage) lights work perfectly. Thanks again for your patience, the swift response in delivery and the additional 10% discount (for quantity purchase). You are awesome. We look forward to setting them up in our retirement home. We plan on purchasing the batteries from you (when needed). You have a completely satisfied and loyal customer in us, Tim and Debra" (March, 2013)

"Thanks for shipping my order quickly. And thanks for the 10% credit. I ordered the carriage lights from your company about a year ago and they're still burning bright. Good product, free freight and surprise discounts. I know I'll be ordering from you again!" Michele, New York (January, 2013)

"I want to compliment you on your excellent Customer Service ethics. I shop online almost exclusively and the way you handle customers is way above average. I will undoubtedly shop here again and will tell my friends about your site. Wishing your Company nothing but success." JCM, Sun City (November, 2012)

"Thank YOU Marcia, you are theeee BESTEST!!" Marty, San Francisco (June, 2012)

"Hi Marcia, Thank you so much for everything and especially your great customer service. I look forward to getting my items and will certainly be a return customer. Best, Jaqueline (May, 2012)

"Hi Marcia, I am a realtor and during an open house the item was broken. I purchased the light to keep my customer satisfied like you have done for me. You and your web site will be highly recommended to any of my customers in need of such products. Thanks so much for your support. God bless." Joe, Florida (April, 2012)

"Well success!! I took it apart, checked everything ,connections etc. Then put it back together, into our bright sun & wallah! So I'm all set & my friend is thrilled.  Thanks for your concern & the thought, you wanted to make everything right! Some times, that's hard to find in a business. I'll definitely be recommending your company (Natures Solar Lights) & doing further shopping on my own. Take Care."  Ron (March, 2012)

"Thanks so much for your (Natures Solar Lights) wonderful customer service!!  Such a pleasure at this time of year!  I'll keep my fingers crossed that it gets here in time!!  I hope to be able to do business with you again in the future!! Merry Christmas!!" Laurie (December, 2011)

"Thank you so much for the effort in securing a replacement (pool) ball. They are so beautiful at night. Most of the time, when I'm not working, I spend my time alone, but I have been calling in some girlfriends just to watch the lights!!! They are a treat for all of us. Again, I truly appreciate the service, You are a great asset to your company.  I definitely will be adding more (pool) balls next summer!!!! My Mom is doing fine. She too enjoys that bird bath ball. At 92 little things make her so happy." Fran, New York (June, 2011)

"Hi Marcia, Thank you so much for being so gracious. I will remember your thoughtfulness and your website when summer comes around and I am looking for other items!  People like you make it easier to live in this rather rude and crazy world these days!" Marilyn, Colorado (August, 2010)

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