Solar Animal & Creature Lights

Solar animal garden lights are great fun and make great gifts for your friends, family, and especially yourself. They add charm and a friendly welcome to your entrance, garden and yard.

We have a wonderful selection of animal shaped solar lights, such as solar dogs with lanterns and puppy dog statues, fox lights, charming and attentive (really!) cats and bunny rabbits to choose from.

Our newest collection is our Jungle solar animal statue lights. We have Mama and Baby Pandas, the cutest Baby Elephants, and a Baby Hippo that's ready to roll around in the mud.

Our solar frogs and turtles will simply delight you. Be sure to check out our adorable owl and bird garden lights as well.



The Many Uses for Solar Powered Animal Lights

Create a backyard Zoo or animal sanctuary for your children and grandchildren. Scatter a variety of dog solar lights and solar cat lights throughout your garden. Place a squirrel solar garden stake light and a couple of rabbits around the bushes to give them safe haven from the solar fox. Not only will your kids look forward to seeing the animal shaped solar lights come on in the evening, they'll enjoy looking at each adorable animal you've put outdoors just for them all day long.

Grow a Jungle by placing a 17" High Giant Panda solar animal garden light in front of your bushes, then place the cutest Baby Elephant in the dirt, and a Baby Hippo by your pond. If you don't have your own Jungle landscaping and pond, set it up with artificial trees and blue rocks from your hobby store.

Create the most incredible sea life and beach play area. You can get so creative with this idea with sand, shells and rocks to make a beach. Add some blue pebbles for water, then set your fish, whales and pelicans in and around the water. Place some of the cutest frogs and turtles in the sandy area, and you've just created an amazing beach!

If you want to put your dogs and cats by the beach, get some green pebbles to create a grassy area for your animals to relax in. 

Bird watchers will love this one! If you really want to have something unique in your front or backyard, and you have wonderful trees with strong branches, install bees, hummingbirds and lucky dragonfly solar stake lights into your trees, using twist ties to secure the solar panel and the bird onto the branches.

Place the 3 foot Pink Flamingo in your garden, the solar owl on a tree stump or rock, more 3 foot high bird solar stake lights actually installed in your garden, and at night your whole yard will light up with color changing and warm white light. When you see the bees and the dragonflies "flying" through your trees, you'll know the bit of time this takes to create was well worth it.

When placing solar lights in trees, be sure that the solar panel is placed where the sun can shine on it for most of the day, to light your birds, and animals, and lanterns and flowers at night.

Take a look at your yard, let your imagination create a wonderful world of funWhat a great way to get your kids back outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Enjoy solar animal garden lights day or night.

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