Solar Pole Yard Lights

Shop the best solar pole lights for your yard by Gama Sonic. These solar pole yard lights are made from Powder Coated Cast Aluminum, and have a 2-year Warranty. The pre-installed battery pack should last 2 to 3 years, and is replaceable when needed. Many styles are available to choose the right design for your home.

The solar coach lanterns have 6 to 13 Bright White LED bulbs in each fixture, and emit 80 to 450 lumen of light. You'll have enough brightness for your street or landscape lighting. Choose one, two or three solar coach lanterns per pole, with heights of 77 to 102 Inches.

Solar powered pole yard lights can be installed into concrete with the included hardware. To install in soil, either use the same hardware, or purchase the Security Anchor to make installation fast and easy. You can find top brands and styles like Baytown, Everest Retro Style, Imperial, Pagoda, Royal, and Victorian solar lamps.

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