Solar Deck Rail - Column Lights

Add the safety and beauty of light to your deck, stairs and entrance. with solar deck rail lights and solar carriage lantern column lights

Solar carriage lantern lights are perfect to mount on your brick, stone or concrete columns. They add an immediate elegance to your home with their high profile classic carriage style design.

Buying solar deck rail lights gives you a smaller fixture, designed to take up minimal space. You can install them on the side of your posts at your deck stairs, above doorways, on your entrance gate, even your boat dock. So versatile, you'll have dozens of places you can add the security of lighting.

The Classy Caps solar deck rail lights now come in two styles. The 3.5" x 2.5" x 3" have Cool White LED, and spread the light downward onto steps and deck floors.

Their newest design is longer at 3.25" x 2" x 8", with a wonderful Warm White light. They have an ocean wave glass design that will add a very classy, gorgeous look to your deck and steps. This newest solar light for decks is our owner's favorite.

Solar carriage lanterns are flat mount solar lanterns that come with hardware to mount directly onto your column. Some of our solar column lanterns have three mounting options for you to coordinate the solar lighting throughout your outdoor home. 

Use the solar wall mount options to add lights to your sunny entrance, garage, storage shed, or on the side of your 2-story columns. The 3" pole fitter option can replace the electric fixture that you currently have in your yard. You'll get beauty and savings from no more electric cost.

If you prefer ground lights only, these Classy Caps stainless steel low profile solar walkway lights can be installed along the path from your deck to your gazebo or pool. The low profile design will give you the light you need to safely travel through your back yard at night, while not distracting from the beauty of your deck, yard, gazebo and pool during the day.

There is no wiring or cost of electricity required. Choose your favorite solar deck lights, and install easily with the included hardware.

All solar powered lights must be installed in a location that receives at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sun. At dusk, they will automatically come on for security and safe passage.

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