Solar Water Fountain with Backup Battery - 2-Tier Round Riverstone

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Enjoy the soothing waterfall, and the unique and elegant round design, of our Smart Solar Water Fountain with Battery Backup. The 2-Tier Brown Finish Riverstone solar powered fountain stands 34.5" High, and has a Basin Diameter of 20.8". With a weight of 39.69 pounds before adding water, this solar fountain will be sturdy wherever you set it.

The Riverstone solar water fountain is made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), and the inlaid pattern looks just like pebbles and stones that has been smoothed over time by the river. Smooth on the outside, simply gorgeous on the inside.

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The battery backup and solar on demand feature, included with this 2 tier solar fountain, lets you choose when you want to enjoy your fountain. The solar outdoor water fountain can run consistently during the day, or up to 6 hours at night using the backup battery. On cloudy days, the battery will keep your fountain running, however, less energy will be able to be stored in the backup battery for any night time use. 

If you prefer to relax and listen to your 2-tier water fountain at night, switch your fountain OFF in the morning to let the battery charge to capacity, then switch the fountain ON when the sun goes down.


  • Solar water fountain with battery backup, Riverstone with Free Shipping
  • Made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Has an earthy, outdoor brown finish, with an inlaid pattern resembling pebbles and stones in both the top bowl and bottom basin
  • 2 Tier solar on demand fountain is 34.5" High x 20.8" in Diameter, with a weight of 39.69 pounds without water
  • Large square base, with inlaid pebbles and stones, for better sturdiness and positioning
  • Fountain Bowl depth is 3.5", so water will last a bit longer on hot, sunny days
  • Water capacity is 2.5 Gallons
  • Battery capacity of up to 6 hours of operation during cloudy days or at night
  • Battery Pack is a 4.8V Ni-MH 1000mAh
  • Easy access On/off switch on the solar panel for either use during the daytime sun, or turn off to charge the solar water fountain for night use
  • Superior battery power allows consistent operation even on cloudy days
  • The constant recirculating water will keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water fountain
  • Patented underwater integral solar panel and water pump system
  • 6 volt solar water pump
  • 2 Tier solar powered fountains must be drained and stored indoors prior to freezing temperatures
  • One year limited warranty
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar Fountains 
One year warranty from Smart Solar / Smart Living Home and Garden

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