Solar Motion Sensor Light

Our Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights are available in a variety of styles and mounting applications. Check out the Victorian Coach Lantern Security Light that can be mounted on your own Pole, on a column or on the wall. The Gama Sonic wall mount motion detector senses movement 350 square feet away. 

Our Classy Caps low profile solar motion sensors can be installed on the wall, or directly onto the deck rail or posts by your steps or dock. They will detect movement from 15 feet to 50 feet away to trigger a brighter light output.

Don't pay the wiring installation cost and monthly bill for electric motion security lights, let the sun do the work for free! Shop for a solar LED motion sensor light below, and order your green energy security today.

Do you want a solar shed light or solar garage lights that will stay on while you work or search for an item? Shop here for our solar garage lights that include a separate solar panel to install on the outside wall or roof.

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