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Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Post Lights

Gama Sonic is known world-wide for their elegant designs, exceptional quality and excellent performance. When you want solar lamp post lights that work as you expect, with an excellent light duration, and look great for years, choose Gama Sonic.

Gama Sonic's original line of Solar Carriage Lanterns, Lamp Posts and Solar Pole Yard Lights are made from Powder Coated Cast Aluminum and Glass Lenses.

Their Coastal Area series includes the Polaris solar carriage lights, ideal for humid, rainy and salty ocean air conditions. They are made from heavy duty ABS plastic to avoid rust problems in coastal areas. The Polaris series has great designs, including a Solar Wall Sconce.

When you want the brightest Gama Sonic outdoor solar light we have, look at the Imperial III Solar Column Lantern and Pole Light, with a 3" fitter and heavy duty pole options. All Gama Sonic products include a 2 Year Warranty!

Benefits of Choosing Gama Sonic Solar Lights:

  • Retrofitting your outdoor electric fixtures to solar is so easy. There are wonderful styles of Solar Carriage and Coach Lanterns with 3" fitter poles to slip right onto your existing electric Pole, Column and Pedestal outdoor landscape lights. Conversion to solar doesn't get any easier than that!
  • Gama Sonic is very innovative in their thinking and in their pursuit of new technology to make their solar wall and yard lights even better. They started out with a patented cone reflector to increase brightness from the LED bulbs, and have just come out with their newest idea, the LED Light Bulb for their Solar Coach Lanterns.
  • They ensure that their lights are long lasting and will maintain their beauty. From the pole lights and lanterns, to the Progressive Spot Lights and Bollard Solar Path Lights, they are sturdy, heavy and durable powder coated cast aluminum.
  • Gama Sonic goes the extra mile by using Real Glass Lenses in all of their cast aluminum outdoor solar lamp post lights. They also protect the powerful yet delicate solar panel with Tempered Glass to avoid damage from falling objects. All of the little things save you from having problems in the future.
  • You can easily and securely install the solar yard lights in the ground or into concrete. An EZ Anchor is available to use for ground installation if you choose, and the long bolts that come with your pole lights for concrete installation will make sure your light goes nowhere.
  • They have many choices available so you can purchase the solar powered lights that will fit your home, budget, and personal preferences. Some solar light lanterns have Bright White, some have Warm White. Some have a High/Low light switch so you can choose to have more light or more light duration at night. Various lumen (brightness) output is available, from 30 to 900 lumens. With so many choices, you're bound to find the right fit for your home.
  • Gama Sonic doesn't stop at residential solar landscape lighting. Their line of Imperial III solar pole lights and lanterns are ideal for Commercial parking lots, business entrances, apartment and mobile home complexes, and even on Main Street America. Since they are powder coated cast aluminum, they hold up to the weather conditions from the North to the South United States.
  • From the combination of their battery packs, circuitry and solar panel technology, you can plan on receiving 1 1/2 hours of light duration at night for every 1 hour of full sunlight. This is basically the minimum during fall and winter months, when the sun is far to the south, so your summer months should be even better. There should be hours of battery energy left to help on cloudy days.
  • Every solar lamp post, spot light and path light has a 2 Year Warranty that Gama Sonic honors.
  • Overall Quality and Design, it's worth the price every time in solar lamp post lights. 

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