Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches, 7 LED Color Choices, Set of 2

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Imagine these 5 feet tall beautiful and bright Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches lining your sidewalk and driveway! And, with the 1200mah Ni-MH Battery that is included, you will have light for 7 to 10 hours at night.

Most resellers give you the standard 600mah Battery in each fixture. With this, you will be lucky to get 4 to 5 hours of light at night. With our upgraded 1200mah Ni-MH battery, you will get a better, brighter solar tiki torch, with more energy storage for more hours of light duration for your walkway! You can even customize your tiki torches with a choice of 7 LED bulb colors, including our original Flickering Amber solar tiki torches!

Our wonderful customer and friend in California, Eilene, shared some of her solar tiki torch path light pictures with us. Doesn't she have the perfect back yard to show off her lights?

Create a definite statement with their Style and 7 to 10 hours of Bright Solar Path Lights. They will add an exciting atmosphere and glow along your garden, pond, driveway entrance or path. A pool would be simply gorgeous surrounded by Solar Tiki Torch Lights. Approximately 62" tall.

Choose your LED color in Standard Flickering Amber, or Upgrade to Bright White, Warm White, Soft White, Blue, Green or Amber for $5.00 per set.


  • Bright Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches, Set of 2 with LED Color Options
  • Each solar torch light includes the Upgraded 5 super bright LED bulbs
  • LED Color choices are Standard Flickering Amber, plus Upgraded to Blue, Green, Amber, Golden Warm White, Bright White or Soft White for additional $5.00 per set
  • The Flickering Amber has 2 Steady On and 3 Flickering LED bulbs
  • Diameter of tiki torch 5", Height is approximately 62" 
  • Solar walkway lights are environmentally safe, powered by the sun
  • Made of premium, high quality and durable heat-resistant plastic
  • Color of plastic fixture top and poles is Dark Goldenrod.
  • Automatic on at dusk, off at dawn
  • Ground Stake is included
  • Manual On/Off switch for testing and storage - Must be in On position and charge for 8 hours in the sunlight for initial use
  • Rechargeable, replaceable 1.2V 1200mAH AA battery pre-installed
  • Light Duration will be 7 to 10 hours during the Spring and Summer
  • Outdoor bright solar path lights can be installed any place with sunlight
  • Simple assembly required; no tools needed
  • Manufactured by Atlantic Solar
30 Day Limited Warranty from Atlantic Solar, extended to 90 days from Natures Solar Lights.


  • I tried to create a Polynesian/Hawaiian feel to my backyard pool area 5

    Posted by Michael Matuskey on Apr 17th 2020

    I wanted "tiki torches that didn't have actual flames (next to my bamboo facade fence), wouldn't need electrical wiring, and would have solar cells to charge-up their batteries. These products hit every need. I had one of 16 that wasn't perfect and they replaced it as soon as I told them. Good job.

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