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Bee Color Changing Solar Lights - Set of 2 Bumble Bee Stake Lights

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You won't get stung from our delightful Bee Color Changing Solar Lights. They will buzz and float through your outdoor garden harmlessly, drinking in the sunshine during the day. When evening falls, the bumble bees will be aglow with variations of red, blue and green.

The Bee solar lights that change color pull energy from the sun through the solar panel during the day, and store it in the rechargeable battery. At night, the LED on top of the stake shines through the bumble bee and wings to give you a spectacular, decorative light show in your garden.

Installation of solar stake lights is so easy. Wet the ground if the soil is extremely dry, and plant the stake in the ground where it will get full sun on the solar panel. Push the switch on the bottom of the solar panel to ON, and the photo-sensor in the solar panel will automatically turn on the lights at night. They will continue to provide a brilliant light show for up to 8 hours into the night. They stand 33" high when assembled.


  • Bee Color Changing Solar Lights, Set of 2 Solar Stake Lights
  • One LED with ability to change colors
  • Brightness is 11000mcd
  • Solar Panel is Mono Crystalline, 1.8" x 1.5" square
  • Photo-sensor to automatically turn solar stake lights ON at dusk
  • Light duration is up to 8 Hours with Full Charge
  • Includes One 600mAh AA Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery
  • No wiring or electrical required
  • CE certified
  • Decorative Garden Stakes are made from molded acrylic with Powder Coated Stainless Steel Pole
  • Bee is 1.8" H x 3.2" L x 3.0" W
  • 2 poles per solar light stake are easily connected
  • Actual height is 33" High including the poles and the Bee
30 day warranty from NTH Solar, extended to 90 days from Natures Solar Lights.

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