Bird Bath Fountain - Powered by Solar - Gorgeous Blue Fountain

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This is a gorgeous and bold Aviatra Blue Birdbath Fountain that will brighten your deck and garden with much more than a splash of color. You will enjoy the vibrant color, and the sound of the soothing waterfall, every sunny day. It's a quality Smart Solar Ceramic Bird Bath Fountain, powered by a Solar Panel, that will last and look great for years.

Your neighborhood birds will also be thrilled with your very colorful addition to your yard. They will be drawn to the running water to enjoy that precious sip of water on a hot day. 

With your purchase, you will receive the vibrant Blue traditional bird bath fountain that we have converted to solar for you, with the inclusion of a solar panel kit. The solar panel kit, manufactured and guaranteed by Smart Solar, sits in the middle of the water basin and creates a waterfall with the integrated water pump, and included bubbler and umbrella spray fountain heads. 

The day running Aviatra Smart Solar bird bath fountain is very easy to assemble and store for the Winter, with its two piece construction. Be sure to move it indoors before freezing weather hits.

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  • Solar Kit Powered Bird Bath Fountain, Smart Solar Blue Solar Fountain, Free Shipping
  • Hand crafted from Black clay with a vibrant Glossy Blue Glaze finish
  • Birdbath water fountain is 23" High x 17" Diameter, with a weight of 25 pounds without water
  • Includes 2 fountain heads, a bubbler head and a 360 degree umbrella spray head
  • Fountain Bowl depth is about 2"
  • Water capacity is about 2 Gallons
  • Operates in direct sunlight only
  • Water should be added daily during the heat of summer to enjoy completely
  • The constant movement of water from the fountain heads will keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water fountain
  • Patented Aquanura solar panel and water pump
  • Drain, wipe down, rinse and refill periodically to keep fountain basin clean
  • Solar powered bird bath fountain must be drained and stored indoors prior to freezing temperatures
  • One year limited warranty
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar
One year warranty from Smart Living/Smart Solar.

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