Bollard Solar Light Black - Commercial Quality - 25 Year Solar Panel

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Our contemporary Bollard Solar Light has the quality you want and need for your commercial properties. The exceptional components used to manufacture this solar bollard light, gives you a 25 year life on your investment of solar lighting.

When you purchase and install this commercial bollard light in your parking lot, at your office building entrance, or at your apartment and condo projects, you will receive and appreciate trouble-free outdoor security lighting that includes:

  • 25 year life solar panelprotected from chemicals and weather elements with thick plastic on top
  • A safer and longer lasting replaceable LiFe04 Lithium Iron Phosphate solar battery with a 5 year life
  • A 1.5" x 3.25" remote control to turn your bollard solar light on and off if you choose
  • The ability to choose from 3 LED colors; 3000K Warm White, 4500 Soft White and 6000K Bright White, all controlled by the remote
  • Receive 252 to 288 lumens of diffused light output for a larger 360 degree light spread
  • The ability to set your lights for all night long, 3 hours, 5 hours, or 8 hours, all controlled by the remote
  • The ability to achieve a preferred dim setting of 30%, 50% and 80% after you have chosen your LED color, all controlled by the remote
  • Cast aluminum construction with a Matte Black finish
  • White and very strong Polycarbonate diffuser lenses for even and great looking lighting
  • substantial sized path and bollard light at 11.75" Diameter x 31.75" H, a 9.75" Base Diameter, and Weight of 15 Pounds
  • Has an IP65 water resistant rating
  • contemporary design that will look incredible at your business

Many of YardBright's outdoor solar lights are assembled in El Paso, Texas, USA. In order to ensure the workings of your bollard solar light from the beginning, follow these simple instructions upon receipt:

  • Prior to installation, to ensure that the light is working properly, unpack the solar bollard light from the box and set it in full sun, in the OFF position, for 2 sunny days
  • After 2 days in the sun, once it is dark at night or in a dark room, take the remote control and point it at the lens, NOT the solar panel, and push the ON button. It may take a few seconds for the command to take
  • Once the commercial bollard lights up, you can adjust the LED color, brightness, and number of hours you want it to be lit at night if less than all night long
  • Hardware is NOT included, since there are so many applications, but there are 4 predrilled holes in the base for you to secure to either concrete or into the ground with long screws or stakes
  • When the LED color is set to your liking, install the fixture in a location that will receive at least 6 hours of sun

Remote Control Functions:

  • ON = Turning fixture ON in the 4500K Soft White LED color setting
  • A   = 3000K Warm White color
  • B   = 6000K Bright White color
  • 3H, 5H and 8H can be pushed if you want your commercial bollard to light up for a specific number of hours at night. If you do not push these buttons, the lantern will light up all night long on a fully charged battery
  • OFF = turning your light off to store, or if you will be in the middle of construction and do not want your light to come on. You may also need to turn your light off if you are testing the LED colors, and want to get back to the 4500K Soft White LED
  • +  = more brightness
  • -   = less brightness
  • 30%, 50% and 80% brightness settings from original 100%
2 year warranty on fixture, 6 month warranty on battery from manufacturer.

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