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Gama Sonic Battery Pack - 3.2V 3000mah Imperial, Pagoda, Victorian

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This 3.2V AA Lithium Ion Gama Sonic Replacement Battery Pack, with 3000mah of storage power capability, includes two 1500mah batteries encased in a single package for a total of 3000mah. This rechargeable li-ion battery pack will replace the One existing two-battery pack in each Model of the following solar lamp post lights:

  • Imperial pole lights and lanterns, GS-97
  • Imperial II Commercial Grade Bright Solar Lights, GS-97N
  • Pagoda lamp posts and lanterns, GS-104
  • Victorian all standard models and PIR Motion Sensor models, GS-94, GS-94-PIR & GS-94B
  • Progressive Solar Spot Light, GS-103

You can locate the existing battery pack in the actual fixture head. Access the battery by removing the screws in the head, unhook the old battery and remove, then install the replacement battery pack in the same location and snap into the wiring until it clicks. 

If you need the Instruction Manual to replace the Gama Sonic rechargeable li-ion battery pack, please contact us at

30 Day Limited Warranty.

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