Puppy Dog Solar Light - Blue LED - Solar Animal Garden Light

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It's time to add to your family with a very cute puppy dog solar light. He already has learned some tricks, like begging for a treat, so he is well on his way to stealing your heart. Puppy dog would really like to be named by you, and he does promise to be a good boy and never be mean to anyone.

Puppy Dog is a solar animal garden light that is made from rustic brown metal and hand painted to show off his puppy antics, and tongue hanging out. Dog solar light statue is 11.5" H x 9.75" L x 4" W. His scroll design body has an internal Blue PVC film that lights up a gorgeous medium Blue color at night from the Blue LED inside.

You can set solar animal garden lights anywhere in the sun to charge the internal battery. He would really enjoy a sunny location close to you, or lounging around on the ground in the sun. You will definitely want to set Puppy Dog where you can see his cutest ever face every time you look outdoors. 

Puppy Dog does have a bestie that he loves hanging out with. Believe it or not, it's Kitty Cat animal shaped solar statue! If you have room, they both would enjoy hanging out together at your home.

Features & Specifications:  

  • Puppy Dog animal shaped solar statue, metal yard art with Free Shipping
  • Metal solar animal garden light is 11.5" H x 9.75" L x 4" W, and looks great by any type of landscaping outdoors
  • Made from Metal, Blue .75" Round Beveled Eyes and Blue PVC Interior Film Sheet
  • Hand painted Rustic Brown
  • Has a scroll pattern body that adds style and design during the day and night
  • Includes a Blue LED that shines through the Blue PVC Film Sheet at night
  • Has a dog shaped 1.5" x 1.75" Pink Nose
  • Puppy dog's face is 5" W x 4.5" H, with 3.5" floppy ears
  • Legs and Feet are 2.75" L
  • Tail is 2.5" L
  • Weighs 1.4 Pounds
  • Includes one 1.2V AA 600mAh Ni-CD solar battery
  • Solar Panel and Battery Module, located at the bottom interior of the solar animal, is 3" in Diameter
  • Solar Panel and integrated Light Sensor is 2" x 2"
  • Includes an On/Off switch, located on the Module, which must be pushed to the ON position for the animal shaped solar light to come on automatically at night. You may need to remove a round peg that may be inserted to keep the switch in the OFF position during shipping.
  • Do not set the dog solar light where the bottom portion will flood
  • To access the solar panel module from the side, carefully pull the metal tabs up, then lift the round module up and out. Push the switch to the ON position, put module back into the interior, and push the metal tabs back down to hold the module in place
One year limited warranty from Natures Solar Lights.

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