Smart Solar Bird Bath - Colorful Argus Peacock Glass Day Running

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The Argus Peacock Glass Smart Solar Bird Bath is so full of color that it will immediately brighten your garden and patio. The hand painted glass water basin displays a Peacock and his plume, also known as a "train". The glass basin just sparkles when the water is flowing through the fountain head. Be sure to check out the Video below.

Have you guessed why this gorgeous Peacock solar fountain is named Argus? Read below to find out a bit of the story.

This solar bird bath fountain is a Day Running fountain only. It does not have a battery backup, and will run when the sun is shining on the solar panel within the water basin. The stand is made from steel with a powder coated Black Finish. The assembled size of the Peacock solar water fountain is 20" Diameter x 24" High.

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You will receive two different fountain heads with Smart Solar fountains. The first picture above shows the bubbler head for the water fountain, and the second picture portrays the 360 degree umbrella head fountain.


  • Smart Solar bird bath fountain, Glass Argus Peacock Bowl with Free Shipping
  • Has vibrant hand painted Peacock colors of blues, greens and orange
  • Solar birdbath is 24" High x 20" Diameter, with a weight of 11 pounds without water
  • Fountain Bowl depth is about 4" and is 4.75" to edge of bowl
  • Water capacity is 1.5 Gallons
  • Operates in direct sunlight only
  • The constant recirculating water will keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water fountain
  • Patented underwater integral solar panel and water pump system
  • 6 volt solar water pump
  • Solar powered bird bath fountain must be drained and stored indoors prior to freezing temperatures
  • One year limited warranty
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar Fountains

Do you know the story of Argus and his 100 eyes?

According to Greek Mythology, Argus was a giant that had 100 eyes. Some say they were all in his head, others say there were everywhere on his body. When he would sleep at night, some of his eyes stayed open to always be on guard and watchful.

Argus was very powerful and was used by the Greek Gods to slay Gods or humans gone astray. The goddess Hera appointed Argus to watch over Io, a priestess whom Zeus had turned into a cow. Zeus sent his son Hermes to free Io. Hermes told stories and played music for Argus until he succeeded in making all 100 eyes go to sleep at the same time. Hermes wasted no time and slew the giant. Hera was so distraught, the goddess took Argus's eyes and placed them on the tail of her sacred bird, the peacock.

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One year warranty through Smart Solar.

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