Solar Address Light for Home - Vertical Space Saver Ground Install

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Our Black vertical solar address light for your home will take up minimal space in your yard. It will give you peace of mind that delivery and emergency vehicles will easily find your house number

You will receive 13 huge benefits and features from this solar address light post:

  • The space saver size of 4 3/8" W x 3 7/8" D x 30" H installed will fit in so many sunny locations if you have a small yard or just a sliver of grass available
  • You can choose your LED color between Cool White and a wonderfully Warm White LED with the 3 position Color/Off/Color switch, check out the light colors in the photos above
  • The LED is actually a strip of light, with 19 Warm White LED and 10 Cool White LED so there is full coverage of your house numbers
  • The 1 1/4" diameter pole, before the backlit solar house numbers, is 12 1/2 " High, plenty tall to even install the vertical sign in the middle of your groundcover or flowers
  • The solar panel is on top of the vertical house numbers, so getting sun onto the panel will be much easier
  • The solar panel swivels forward and backward, you can catch the sun in back of the solar address light post, or in front, very rare for an address light
  • Two 1.2V 600mAh Ni-CD batteries are included, for total energy storage of 1200mAh,your address sign should stay lit all night long, so very important!!
  • Up to 5 address numbers will fit very easily (you would have to offset the numbers a lot and have them touching to squeeze 6 numbers onto the acrylic)
  • The tapered ground stake is 5 1/2" long, so your solar address light will hold steady in the ground
  • It is made from Polypropylene Black plastic, robust heat resistant plastic with a melting temp of 320 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will not go soft in the South, or rust in high humid conditions
  • Your new friends will easily find you since they can easily read your house number on this ground installed sign
  • You won't look like the house next door anymore, you will be unique
  • And of course, if you do need help, emergency vehicles can find your home faster to help you quicker, even in the middle of the night

The numbers are 2 3/8" High x 1 7/8" Wide for great visibility during the day and at night. As you can see by the photos above, the backlit house numbers show up very well from the Warm White or Bright White LED strip, without the dark spots or glare of LED bulbs.

There are 3 sets of house numbers from 0 through 9, a total of 30 numbers .You do have to peel off the clear plastic on the front, and remove the white plastic from the back to expose the sticky surface in order to affix the numbers to the diffused white lens. Yes, it does kind of take a steady hand to get them on straight, but what we found, if you line up first, then remove each one and gently place on the lens, without putting pressure on it, it doesn't really stick so you can pick it up and move it if needed. Once you're happy with the placement, push on the entire number to get it to stick properly.

NOTE: if you have a house number that has 4 or 5 of the same number, give us a call at 623-974-0787 and right now, we have some extra numbers that we can send out to you after your purchase.

Six month warranty from Natures Solar Lights, including the batteries.

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