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Solar Deck Post Cap Lights, Elegant 5x5 White, High Profile Set of 2

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The White Classy 5x5 Solar Deck Post Cap Lights, from the fixture to the soft white color of light output, say elegance and class. Sit back and imagine the sheer beauty of these high profile Classy Solar Post Caps on your entrance posts or deck.

With 4 LED of light, and the most intriguing gentle but bright white LED color, your home will become the show piece in your neighborhood. To see these fixtures in person will bring the thought of "oh my, that's beautiful!" to your mind.

A Volume Discount of 10% to 20% will be automatically applied with a 3 Set Minimum Purchase of 5x5 solar post lights.

The impressive high profile design of the Classy Solar Deck Post Cap Lights is engineered to provide up to 12 hours of light automatically every night. The 4 high output LED bulbs cast a soft white light downward onto the side walls of the cap and fence, creating a unique ambiance. The light output is a cross between a Bright White and a Soft White LED, which is one of the reasons this is our favorite LED color.

Separate 5x5 adapters will be included with your purchase to fit over an actual 5" x 5" post. To remove the existing adapter from the Classy fixture head, squeeze and pull until removed. Line up the corners of the 5x5 adapter with the fixture head, and push until the adapter clicks into place.


  • White Classy Caps 5x5 Solar Deck Post Cap Lights, Set of 2, Free Shipping
  • High Performance solar cap lights – stay lit for up to 12 hours
  • Casts a beautiful white light downward onto the outside walls of the deck post cap and surrounding area
  • Volume Discount: Order 3 Sets - 10%, Order 5 Sets - 15%, Order 10 Sets - 20%
  • Lights up automatically every night
  • 4 High output White LED bulbs behind a frosted lens
  • 2 long life 1.2V AA 1000mah NiCad rechargeable batteries included
  • Powerful 1 Watt Crystalline Solar Panel
  • Solar Fixture measures 7" x 7" x 6.5"
  • Made from durable, long lasting PVC
  • 5" x 5" Adapter is included, which will replace the 4" x 4" base, will not fit a Nominal Wood Post
  • Manufacturer One Year Warranty, excluding batteries
  • Manufactured by Classy Caps
One Year Limited Warranty through Classy Caps.

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