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Buy this solar pool light, and every day your wish will be "please sun, set now so I can watch my solar magic globe color changing pool light meander through those brilliant 9 colors all night long". This chameleon solar globe will change colors continuously, giving you incredible enjoyment and relaxation

Smart Solar color changing globe lights can be used as a table light, a solar garden stake light, or a pool light. It comes with a flat base and a ground stake so you can scatter lights throughout your yard and deck.

This 8" round solar globe light has 3 different modes of color operation:

  1. Mode 1 is Bright White LED color only
  2. Mode 2 is continuous cycling through the 9 color spectrum
  3. Mode 3 is to Freeze on one specific color of your choice

There are so many different scenarios that you can use the solar magic globes for. If you are planning a wedding, Mode 1 with the Bright White LED would be very elegant, while Mode 3 and a color that matches the Wedding colors would be unique, fun and exciting.

If you are inviting the family or new friends or in-laws for the first time, we might suggest Mode 2, the color changing mode through the color spectrum that will mesmerize them into a state of loving you and your home. This is by far the favorite solar light of the owner's daughter. Not only are they just gorgeous as they change colors, but they last an incredibly long time on the ground or table. She has had the same 5 solar globes for 6 years, and they're still working.

Whatever your occasion is, and especially if your plans are to just relax, the solar globe lights are very magical


  • Solar pool and garden light is 8 inches in Diameter, with Free Shipping
  • Set on Mode 2, the color spectrum is virtually unlimited between the colors of Yellow, Orange, Red, Lilac, Purple, Blue, Teal, Green, and so many variations in-between
  • Has an On/Off switch located in bottom of solar globe light. You must switch it to the ON or AUTO position for the globe to light up automatically at night.
  • The discreet integral solar panel is inside the globe
  • Two replaceable and rechargeable 1.2V AAA 600mAh Ni-MH batteries are included
  • Flat Base and Ground Stake are included
  • Will also float in the water
  • No wiring or operating costs, just turn ON, charge up via the sun, and enjoy
  • Includes a One Year Warranty
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar
One year warranty from Smart Solar / Smart Living Home & Garden

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