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Solar Post Light for Pillars and Columns - Gama Sonic Everest Lamp

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Add solar powered lighting to your entrance, stairway or backyard with a Solar Post Light by Gama Sonic. The Everest solar coach lantern has an industrial feel to the design, yet dates back to pictures seen in Downtown Phoenix business areas in the 1950's era. You can use it to retrofit your electric yard light to solar, or you can install it on any new 3" fitter pole for your column or pillar. It is 23" x 11" x 19.5", and is available in a Black finish. 

This solar lamp post incorporates Gama Sonic's new Solar Light Bulb technology, with added benefits of a high or low switch to extend the light duration, and capability to change out the light bulb now or in the future. It comes with a 2700K Warm White LED that emits 200 lumens of light on High, and 100 lumens on Low.

Benefits You Receive with the Everest Solar Lamp Post:

  • Has an industrial and days gone by feel to the design, while most solar lanterns have a classic carriage or coach style. It will look wonderful with the industrial architecture of your home or business.
  • The Gama Sonic light bulb will last for 10 years, and is changeable if you prefer a Bright White light. Choose the Bright White 6000K option above, for about 240 lumens of Bright White light, for an additional $23.00.
  • The bulb has a classic design of a light bulb, which many customers prefer since this style will match your other exterior lights.
  • Has a convenient exterior High/Low light switch you can use to dim the light bulb and increase the light duration hours at night, or increase the light when you will be away from home or just want added security light all the time. It is located on the pole directly under the Solar Panel.
  • The Everest solar lamp post light comes in a powder coated Black finish.
  • No electrical wiring is required, and your electric bill will not increase when you install a solar pole light. It is completely solar powered, and needs just the sun to charge the internal battery packs. Here is a link to the Everest Instruction Manual.
  • Gama Sonic solar post lights need only 1 hour of sun for every 1 1/2 hours of light you will receive at night. This is extraordinary considering the number of LED bulbs (eleven) incorporated into the light bulb, which take a lot of energy to light at night, and is made possible with the powerful solar panel on top of the pole.
  • The only maintenance required is to periodically wipe off the solar panel gently to remove dirt, and remove snow during the Winter. This will allow for optimum charging when the solar panel is exposed to the sunshine.
  • All of Gama Sonic's solar lamp post light have a 2 year warranty, in comparison to most manufacturers that offer 30, 180 or 360 day warranties. 


  • Solar Post Light for Pillars and Columns - Gama Sonic Everest Lamp
  • Available in a Black powder coated finish
  • Has an On/Off switch. Be sure to switch the solar coach lantern to ON during installation.
  • Round mono-crystalline solar panel with protective tempered glass cover
  • Includes Two Gama Sonic battery packs of 3.2V AA 3000mah Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Has 11 LED bulbs with 2700K Warm White color incorporated into the GS solar light bulb
  • Solar lamp post fixture is 23" x 11" x 19.5" installed
  • Includes a 2 year warranty
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic solar lights  

Replacing the Solar LED Bulb: 

  • Detach the Fixture Head lid
  • Turn the light operation to OFF
  • Remove the existing solar bulb by turning it counterclockwise, just like a regular electric bulb
  • Install the new LED bulb by turning into the bulb socket clockwise
  • Turn the light operation to ON
  • Reassemble the unit working backwards on instructions
  • Pressure on the solar panel area of the carriage lantern should always be kept to a minimum to avoid damage
  • NOTE: These GS Solar Light Bulbs are Low Voltage, and work ONLY with Gama Sonic solar lamp post products. They are NOT for use in any type of electrical socket.

WARNING:  Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly per your State requirements. Do not tamper with the battery, or try to open it, as it could have a harmful effect.

Two Year Limited Warranty from Gama Sonic.

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