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We are thrilled to offer you Gama Sonic's Polaris series of solar powered lighting, specifically made to hold up even better than their cast aluminum products in areas that have high humidity and salt water rust and corrosion issues

The Polaris wall mount solar carriage lantern is made from "coastal approved" rigid and durable ABS resin that will not rust. The Black finish includes high UV protection to withstand sun rays without fading. Both of these features are ideal if you are living by a coast, lake, or in a very humid location that is prone to corrosion

Solar carriage lanterns have a timeless design that is always classy and elegant. The Polaris solar wall light is 9.5" W x 10" D x 12" H installed, with Warm White LED that will add that elegance and warm welcoming feel to your home. It truly will look great by your front entrance, porch, or on your garage.

The Polaris solar lantern comes with 11 Warm White LED that emits 130 lumens of lightAs an Option, if you want to have a brighter light for your home, you can purchase a 6000K Bright White LED that will emit around 160 lumens of light for an additional $23.00, including shipping.

Quality Construction:  Gama Sonic's Polaris solar carriage light is made from coastal approved rigid ABS resin, with a Black finish. The solar panel is protected with a tempered glass cover to avoid damage. The two Lithium Ion 3.2V batteries included have an excellent storage capacity of 1500mAh per battery. In summary, the design is second to none, the quality is outstanding, and it has a 2 year warranty. 

Ease of Installation:  You can easily install the wall mount solar carriage light onto your front entrance walls, driveway pillars, and your courtyard columns. As long as the vertical wall is in a sunny location, place the Polaris solar carriage lantern where you want it, and use the included hardware to secure it safely to the vertical surface.

Use for Conversion from Electric to Solar:  The flat mounting vertical plate makes it extremely easy to convert your electric fixtures to solar. Once you have disconnected the electricity, cover the existing hole with the mounting plate, secure the lantern to the vertical surface using the included hardware, and you will have immediate sun powered wall lighting to enjoy free from the ties to electricity.

Coordinate all of your outdoor solar landscape lights with the entire Polaris edition:

  • Hang this wall mount solar carriage light on your home, garage, driveway entrance column, storage shed
  • Install the Bollard solar path light with carriage lantern by your entrance, sidewalk, garden path, favorite seating area by the lake
  • Install the Polaris solar lamp post light, with the same gorgeous carriage lantern, on your wall in a different style, as a flat mount on your pedestal or column, or on your existing 3" fitter pole in your backyard, by your driveway entrance for safety, and down by the pond to shine gloriously onto the water


  • Wall mount solar carriage lantern with Black Finish by Gama Sonic
  • Ideal for coastal area homes and high humidity areas
  • Solar carriage light is 12" H x 9.5" W x 10" D Installed
  • 11 Warm White 2700K SMD LED, with 130 Lumens of light output, incorporated into the A50 Solar Powered Light Bulb
  • Fixture is open at the bottom to allow light to be cast downward, along with the 360 degree side light
  • Two excellent high powered 3.2V Lithium Ion batteries with 1500mAh each included, should last for 2,000 cycles, approximately 5 years
  • Lenses are plastic to avoid breakage from high winds
  • Patent pending cone reflector for superior light output
  • Turn ON by choosing either the Economy (I) or High (II) light switch, see instructions below
  • Light Sensor will automatically light the solar wall mount light at night
  • Weather and rust resistant rigid ABS resin
  • Energy efficient, green solar powered light
  • Will partially charge and light even on cloudy days
  • Black finish
  • Two year limited Warranty
  • Quality production by Gama Sonic


  • Battery Pack: 3.2V, 1500 Ma Lithium-Ion x 2
  • Charging Capacity: 3000mAh
  • LED Type: SMD Warm White 2700K, with 130 Lumens of Light Output
  • Power Source: Mono-crystalline Solar Panel with Tempered Glass covering x 6
  • Install outdoor solar wall lights in sunny location
  • Light Duration: Approximately 21 hours on Low and 12 hours on High with all day sunlight
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic Solar Lights 

Instructions for Removing Fixture Head to Turn Lantern On: 

  • Remove all parts from the product box
  • Do not put pressure on the solar panels
  • Turn ON the operation switch by choosing your desired brightness level: Economy or High - Economy will give you more hours of light duration at night, and High will give you a brighter light output
  • Place in sunny location to receive optimum charging
  • Here is a Link to the Polaris Installation Instructions 


  • After several years when the batteries need to be replaced, use only high quality Gama Sonic Li-Ion, 3.2V 1500mAh, Two batteries required
  • Turn wall mount solar lantern to OFF prior to replacing batteries
  • Do not dispose of Lithium-Ion batteries in regular trash - Recycle per city, state and federal regulations
  • Clean the solar panel regularly with a damp cloth for optimum charging performance
  • Do not use harsh chemical solvents to clean your solar carriage light

 Replacing the Solar LED Bulb: 

  • Detach the Fixture Head lid
  • Turn the light operation to OFF
  • Remove the existing solar bulb by turning it counterclockwise, just like a regular electric bulb
  • Install the new LED bulb by turning into the bulb socket clockwise
  • Turn the light operation to ON
  • Reassemble the unit working backwards on instructions
  • Pressure on the solar panel area of the carriage lantern should always be kept to a minimum to avoid damage
  • NOTE: These GS Solar Light Bulbs are Low Voltage, and work ONLY with Gama Sonic solar lamp post light products. They are NOT for use in any type of electrical socket.
Two Year Warranty from Gama Sonic

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  • Exactly what we needed 5

    Posted by Arlene Ruffin on Jun 4th 2020

    Just installed 3 of these as carriage lights in front of our garage. They look awesome. Didn’t get a full days charge and they are still as bright as our neighbor’s electrical powered lights. Great color of light (doesn’t look like synthetic solar light). Easy to install. Very pleased third far!

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