Bird Feeder Solar Light - Pewter with Mosaic Glass Effect

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Neighborhood birds will flock to your home when you hang this bird feeder solar light in your outdoor yard. The smell of fresh bird seed will draw them to the multi-bird size feeder during the day. The lure of the soft lighting will entice them to visit for a midnight snack.

The steel coated cylinder has a distressed Pewter finish, and includes a durable steel chain that is perfect for hanging your bird feeder on a shepherd's hook, tree branch, or on the eaves of your roof.

The mosaic glass design is simply gorgeous, with colors of Teal Blue, Kelly Green and Bright White tiles that stand out in landscape scenery. When the sun goes down, 24 mini LEDs, wrapped around the interior of the cylinder, will light up the entire mosaic glass area for up to 8 hours.

This solar powered bird feeder is 13.80" Long, with a 7.68" Diameter. It's a wonderful size for your viewing pleasure. The 12" Steel Chain and Hook brings the total size when hung to almost 25" Long.

Setting up the bird feeder with solar light is so easy. Simply turn it ON by pulling up the very top of the fixture, pour some bird seed into the shallow bowl at the bottom of the feeder, install it in a sunny location, and wait for the birds to show up.

We have 2 Smart Solar mosaic glass bird feeder colors to choose from: this Distressed Pewter Finish with Blue, Green and White tiles, and the Distressed Copper Finish with Red, Orange and White tiles.

Also available are our solar light bird feeders that hold about a quart of bird feedBlue and Green Mason Jar, and a Dark Red Mason Jar bird feeder. Buy them all and make all your feathered friends very happy.


  • Bird Feeder Solar Light with Distressed Pewter Finish, Free Shipping included
  • Size is 13.80" H with a 7.68" Diameter, 12" Steel Chain and Hook for total hanging length of 25"
  • Mosaic Glass effect cylinder includes colorful tiles of Teal Blue, Kelly Green and Bright White
  • Made from Steel and Glass tiles
  • Has 24 Cool White Mini LED's wrapped around the interior of the steel cylinder
  • Solar panel and integrated light sensor are located on top of the feeder and must receive sun in order for the light to come on at night
  • On/Off button is  located underneath the top of the feeder. Be sure to push to ON position when you want the bird feeder to light up at night
  • Includes a 1.2V AAA 400mAh Ni-MH solar rechargeable battery, which should last 1 to 2 years before requiring replacement. The battery can be upgraded to a (energy storage capacity) mAh over 1000 if you choose, as long as you get a 1.2V AAA Ni-MH solar battery
  • Light duration is up to 8 hours on a fully charged battery
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar
One year warranty from Smart Solar / Smart Living Home & Garden.

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