Giant Panda Solar Animal Garden Light - Free Shipping - 17"High

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Our Giant Panda solar animal garden light is the second most adorable looking animal we offer you for your collection. Who could possible be the most adorable animal shaped solar light? The Giant Panda Mama's baby cub, of course.

Giant Panda Mama lives up to her name in the world of solar animals lights, she is 18" L x 7" W x 17" H, is made completely from Metal, and weighs 5 pounds. When her cool white LED comes on at night, her whole White body lights up. 

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Do you love pandas? Check out our Panda fun facts below.

Features & Specifications: 

  • Giant Panda animal shaped solar light, with Free Shipping
  • Solar animal light is 17" H x 18" L x 7" W, and looks great by any type of landscaping outdoors
  • Made from Metal, Deep Blue .75" Round Beveled Blue Eyes and White PVC Interior Film Sheet
  • Hand painted Black and White panda colors
  • Has a Jungle Hut scroll pattern body that adds style and design during the day and night
  • Includes a Cool White LED that shines through the White PVC Film Sheet at night
  • Has a Heart shaped Black Nose, and a smile that only a Mama has
  • Panda's face is 8" W x 7.75" L, including her 1.75" ears
  • Includes one 1.2V AA 600mAh Ni-CD solar battery
  • Solar Panel and Battery Module, located at the bottom interior of the solar panda, is 3" in Diameter
  • Solar Panel and integrated Light Sensor is 2" x 2"
  • Includes an On/Off switch, located on the Module, which must be pushed to the ON position for the animal shaped solar light to come on automatically at night. NOTE: Remove the little round tab that's blocking the movement of the ON/OFF switch, if applicable, then push the switch to ON.
  • Do not set the solar light where the bottom portion will flood
  • To access the solar panel module from the bottom of the panda, carefully push the metal tab down, then bring the round module down for access. Push the switch to the ON position, put module back into the interior, and push the metal tab up to hold the module in place.

 Did you know these fun facts about Pandas? 

  1. Pandas are natural only to China
  2. China doesn't allow anyone to buy or own a Panda
  3. Pandas can only be loaned out to zoos worldwide
  4. Baby pandas are called cubs
  5. Panda Mamas are very protective of their cubs
  6. Giant Panda is just a nickname, they aren't any larger than other Pandas
  7. They eat consistently for 12 to 14 hours a day
  8. They can weigh as much as 100 pounds
  9. Pandas can swim
  10. While Pandas have characteristics from raccoons and bears, they have been classified as being in the bear family
  11. They don't hibernate like other types of bears do
  12. They are excellent tree climbers
  13. When Giant Pandas tumble around in the grass, they remind us of toddlers, one reason we can't help but love Pandas!
  14. They have 42 teeth, and get 2 sets of teeth just like human's baby teeth and adult teeth
  15. Their life span is 30 years


Six month warranty from Natures Solar Lights, including battery.

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