Motion Sensor Solar Light with Victorian Solar Carriage Lantern

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From Gama Sonic's quality line of outdoor solar lighting, this Motion Sensor Solar Light, with a gorgeous 19th Century Victorian style Solar Carriage Lantern, includes 3 mounting options for easy installation on any surface in a sunny location.

Hardware is included to install onto a flat surface, onto a vertical wall, or onto an existing 3" pole, making it so easy to add a motion detector wherever you most need it. 

The Victorian solar motion sensor has 11 Warm White 2700K LED, integrated into the Solar Light Bulb, and provides 100 lumens of light output for up to 12 hours each night. When motion is detected up to 15 feet away, the solar lantern will brighten to 200 Lumens of light for 45 seconds.

You can choose "On" or "PIR" to operate your solar carriage light. When you choose ON, the lantern will light up at dusk at its 100 lumens, then brighten to 200 lumens when motion is detected. When you choose PIR, the carriage lantern will only light up when motion is detected

The Victorian movement detector comes with 3 position Motion Sensor angles, which allows you to customize your solar PIR light for your specific needs: 

  1. Long distance setting of 20 to 25 feet
  2. Medium distance setting of 12 to 15 feet
  3. Short distance setting of 8 to 12 feet

Check out these Installation Instructions for Motion Sensor Operation and installation details.


  • One Motion Sensor Solar Light for Pole, Post and Wall Mount, with Victorian Coach Lantern
  • 11 Warm White 2700K LED in a solar light bulb (C37WW10W)
  • Produces 100 lumens continuously throughout the night on a fully charged battery
  • Produces 200 lumens for 45 seconds when movement is detected
  • Light duration is up to 12 hours on a full charge, with 30 circles of Motion activations
  • Battery needs about 6 hours of direct sunlight, or filtered sunlight, to fully charge
  • Adjustable motion sensor for better area coverage
  • Improved 2.4W Mono Crystalline solar panel, with tempered glass protection
  • 3.2V Lithium Ion 3000mah rechargeable battery GS32V30 is pre-installed, has 1000 cycles for a life of around 3 years
  • Made from Black powder coated cast aluminum for years of use
  • Beveled Glass side panel lenses
  • Motion sensor solar light is 15" H x 9.5" W x 8" D for 3" Pole installation, 17" H x 9.5" W x 8" D for Flat Mount installation, and 15" H x 8.5" W x 10" D Wall Mount installation
  • Hardware included for 3" Fitter Pole, Flat/Pier Mount or Wall Mount options
  • Rust resistant
  • Limited 2 year warranty
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic
Two year warranty from Gama Sonic.

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