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Solar Christmas Trees with Multi-Color Lights - Set of 4

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Your Christmas Spirit may need a boost this year, so plant Christmas trees all over your yard for the best outdoor Christmas decorations ever! This Set of 4 Solar Christmas Trees has multi-color LED lights that run through the entire spiral tree. Each 15" high tree has its own ground stake to secure the tree in your landscaping or in a snowbank.

The trees share a solar panel, and are connected with wiring that lights all of the trees at night in colors of Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. You can choose the Steady On or the Blinking mode to showcase your mood for the day. Each tree also has a Star on top in separate colors of Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.

The wiring from the Solar Panel to the first Christmas Tree is 38" long, and the wiring between each of the 4 trees is 38" long. You can either group your trees in any pattern you love, or you can spread them out to 12.6 Feet of Christmas Tree delight.


  • Solar Christmas Trees are 15" High installed, and range from 7" to 2.5" Diameter in a spiral pattern
  • Made from 1/2" Diameter Nylon wrapped around a 4 layer Metal Spiral Tree
  • 10 Multi-color LED bulbs through spiral layers of each tree in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue colors
  • Quality 1.2V AA 600mAh Ni-MH battery is pre-installed
  • Solar Panel is a 2V 60mA Polycrystalline silicone
  • Each Star at the top of the Christmas Tree has an LED, one each Red, Green, Yellow and Blue
  • Two modes to choose from, located on the solar panel: Steady On and Blinking, with the OFF position in the middle
  • Solar Panel and ground stake are separate, with 38" of wiring connecting the solar panel to the first tree, and 38" of wiring between other 3 trees
  • Each tree has a ground stake to attach to the pole at the bottom of the 7" diameter spiral 
180 day warranty from Natures Solar Lights.

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