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Our Smart Solar 20 White LED Curvet design solar string lights for your patio are so beautiful and colorful, with the Blue, Orange and Green colors. The minimalist curves have a fun feeling that you'll enjoy as much during the day, as when they are lit up at night.

The solar light bulb is surrounded by metal curves that extend from top to bottom in an oval shape. The 20 toppers have alternating Blue, Orange and Green colors. The solar string light design will look great hanging from your patio ceiling, rafters and decorating the trees around your home.

Each set of outdoor solar string lights for trees has a separate solar panel, allowing you to install the solar panel in a full day sunny location, and string the lights in a shaded patio or bushes. The LED is a Cool White, with 1 lumen of light output in each topper. Enjoy up to 8 hours of solar light beauty every night.

Solar Powered String Light Dimensions:

  • Total Length:  177" Long (14.75 Feet)
  • Lead Cable:  63" Long
  • Total Length of Actual Lights:  120" (10 Feet including toppers)
  • Spacing between Toppers:  6"
  • Metal Toppers: 1.50" Diameter x 2.00" High
  • Number of Toppers:  20 


  • Solar String Lights with 20 Blue-Orange-Green Curvet toppers, by Smart Solar, with Free Shipping
  • Ideal for decorating shrubs and trees, deck railings, balconies, doorways
  • Powered by a separate amorphous solar panel that allows you to place the outdoor solar light string in a shaded areas
  • 20 energy-saving cool white LED bulbs
  • Surrounded by curved metal in an oval shape
  • Sensor automatically lights the outdoor solar string lights at dusk
  • Two replaceable, rechargeable 1.2V AA Ni-MH 600mAh batteries are pre-installed
  • No wiring, no operating costs, just install the solar LED string lights and enjoy!
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar
  • Include a one year limited warranty 

Solar string lights for trees bring an immediate anticipation of glamour, parties and festivities.  With so many uses, solar holiday and party string lights can be used all year long, and are the most affordable decoration available.

Since solar string lights need no electrical source, they can be placed in locations you have never been able to decorate before. Hang from your patio ceiling for fun decorations, or string them through plants and tree branches for you to enjoy. Weave them through your seating bench, and enjoy cozy conversations with your favorite person. 

Introduction and Instructions:

Solar lights work by using electricity generated by the solar panel to charge internal batteries. These batteries are then used to power the light. When switched on the lights automatically illuminate at night by using a sensor. The duration of illumination will depend on the amount of sunlight and therefore charge received by the batteries.

First unplug the display switch used for the “try me” packaging. Although there may be some charge left in the battery we recommend fully charging it before first use. Leave the switch in the off position for 2 sunny days to ensure the battery is fully charged. Once fully charged, switch to auto. The light will automatically illuminate when it gets dark. You can cover the solar panel to test that the light is operating.

Rechargeable batteries become less efficient with repeated charge-discharge cycles and the battery capacity reduces. If you find that the battery appears to be less efficient or does not run for long we suggest you first try to boost charge it. Switch off for 3 to 5 sunny days to allow the maximum charge to the battery. If after this boost charge your battery still does not perform to expectations you should replace it.

To change the battery, remove 4 screws and open the battery compartment, remove the existing batteries and replace with new ones. Only use 1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Please ensure that the batteries are disposed of according to local regulations.

One year warranty from Smart Solar / Smart Living Home & Garden.

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