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Solar Fence Post Cap Lights for Vinyl Posts, 5x5 Copper Set of 2

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Installation is a breeze with our new Copper Plated Solar Fence Post Cap Lights. The color of Copper looks so good on a deck or fence line. Regardless of the color of your posts, add copper accents for your seating and pillows, and be amazed at how your deck is transformed from ordinary to spectacular. They are designed to fit over an actual 5x5 fence post. The interior measurement of the mounting base on the solar post cap light is 5 1/16".

A Volume Discount of 10% to 20% will be automatically applied with a 3 Set Minimum Purchase of solar post cap lights.

The set of 2 Copper plated solar fence post lights includes the new SMD LED technology. This gives you a brighter light output, and less energy usage from the battery in comparison to the post caps that have 5 LED bulbs. Since the LED is mounted on the surface of the light fixture, it also will not be seen when you look at your solar post cap lights at night.


  • Solar Fence Post Cap Lights for Vinyl Fence Posts, Set of 2 Copper Plated with Free Shipping
  • Will fit actual 5" x 5" fence posts, with a mounting base of 5 1/16"
  • Has 2 SMD (surface mounted diodes - LED) in each solar cap light, with a light output of 28 lumen
  • Includes pre-installed 1.2V AA Ni-CD 800mAh rechargeable battery
  • Solar post cap fixture head is made from plastic with a Copper Plating on top
  • Mounting base is a gray durable, formed plastic
  • Lenses are vertical lined plastic
  • Solar fence post lights are 5.5" L x 5.5" W x 4" H installed
  • Solar panel is on the top of the fixture head, and is 2.25" x 2.25". Be sure to remove the protective plastic coating before installation.
  • On/Off switch is located underneath the fixture head. Be sure to switch it to ON before installation.
  • To remove the fixture head, look for the sides that have a plastic peg through the top of the lens. Push in gently to dislodge the solar post cap from the peg and lift up. To re-secure the fixture head after you have switched the light to ON, line up the hole and peg sides, gently push in on the lenses and push the fixture head down to pop the peg into the holes.
  • Light duration will be 6 - 10 hours, depending on your location and the amount of sun the solar panel has access to
  • Volume Discount: 3 sets 10%, 5 sets 15%, 10 sets 20% discount
  • Solar powered lighting, no electricity or wiring required
  • Manufactured by Garden Sun Light
30 day warranty from NTH Solar, extended to 90 days from Natures Solar Lights.

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