Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights - 3 Lighting Modes - Set of 2

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Our Smart Solar Set of 2 low profile, and very stylish, Black Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights are so easy to install anywhere on your property with a sunny location. You will enjoy your nighttime strolls a whole lot more with the safety and security of solar powered motion sensor lights.

At a size of 5.12" W x 1.97" D x 3.74" H, they can be wall mounted by your entrance and back door, or you can install directly onto your stairway, fence posts, columns, railings, and boat dock.

The solar motion sensor has a detection field of 120 degrees, and a range of 10 to 15 feet away. 

Solar Motion Detector Lights have 3 Modes of security lighting:

  • Mode 1: no constant light emitted, when motion is detected, light will illuminate at a bright 180 lumens of light for 60 seconds
  • Mode 2: light will be on constantly on Low with 10 lumens of light output. When motion is detected, light will illuminate on High at 180 lumens for 60 seconds, then return to Low at 10 lumens
  • Mode 3: motion sensor detection is not activated at all, light stays on for up to 8 hours at night emitting 30 lumens of light, just like a normal solar path light

Operating Instructions:

  • Charge the lights in the OFF mode for the first two days prior to use, this will ensure that the batteries are fully charged before first use
  • Press the button under the sensor to turn the fixture on, it will blink once to let you know that it is in Mode 1
  • Press the button a 2nd time to move to Mode 2, it will blink twice
  • Press the button 3 times to move to Mode 3, it will blink 3 times to confirm Mode 3
  • Press the button a 4th time if you want to turn the solar walkway light off for storage purposes


  • Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights, Set of 2 Low Profile Wall and Post Mount
  • Includes Free Shipping with your purchase
  • Has 3 Modes of lighting to choose from
  • Wall mount security lights are 5.12" W x 1.97" D x 3.74" H
  • Sensor eye is on the front of the fixture
  • Solar panel is on top of the fixture and must be installed in direct sun
  • Includes 100 Bright White surface mounted LED bulbs
  • The compact design means you can install the lights on posts, deck, railings, stairways, and your boat dock. No electrical wiring is required so installation is fast and inexpensive.
  • Includes one rechargeable battery in each light
  • Made from durable, weather resistant ABS plastic
  • Includes a one year limited warranty
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar / Smart Living Home and Garden
One year limited warranty from Smart Solar / Smart Living Home and Garden.

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