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Natures Solar Lights

Why Solar



Everyone needs some form of light outdoors when the dark settles in. Whether your needs center around providing light along your walkway and entrance for when you arrive home, or displaying and highlighting your beautiful garden and flowers for all to enjoy at night, we all want light.

There are two common choices for lighting your home and landscape; electric power or the clean energy from solar powered lights.

Electric outdoor lighting has been around since electricity was invented. We are all comfortable with how it works and know that the light will come on with either a timer, or flipping a switch for instant light. Of course, if you do not have the light on a timer, forget to flip the switch when you leave for work, or the electricity goes out, you will come home to darkness.

Electric light fixtures can be expensive to install when you have to hire an electrician and trench to run the wiring. Once installed, they add to your electric bill every day and every time you flip that switch to have light. Yes, they’re nice and incredibly bright, but do you really need that much light that dips into our natural resources every day? Do you enjoy buying and stocking light bulbs so you won’t be in the dark? And how do your neighbors feel about the glare of all that light when they drive home at night?

Electricity is not a renewable energy unless you are creating electricity from wind turbines, solar panels, or ocean waves. These resources are much better for the environment, but are very expensive to purchase.

To conserve our natural resources, everyone should consider as many off-grid choices as possible. This applies to new outdoor lighting you may need, and to converting your existing electric light fixtures to solar.

Yes, you must have sunny locations when you install solar wall or pole lights in order for the sun to charge the battery through the solar panel. There are, however, many styles of indoor garage and shed lights, security and motion sensor lights, along with various fun garden decorations, that come with a 5 to 8 foot cord so you can place the lights in a shady area and install the solar panel in the sun. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Why Should You Convert to Solar Outdoor & Garden Lights?

  • Solar powered lights are renewable energy, they consume nothing except free charging from the sun and the small amount of space they inhabit – they cause absolutely no harm to the environment.
  • Since Solar LED lights are dependent only upon the sunshine, you will have light securing your home even during blackouts or storms that knock out the electric power. This is a major benefit in some areas of the country prone to either ice storms or tornadoes.
  • LED Bulbs last up to 100,000 hours. Based on 10 hours per night, they will last up to 27 years! How many years do you get from your Incandescent or Halogen light bulbs? Two to three years at the most, and maybe up to 7 years on a CFL.
  • LED chips are not hazardous waste. When LED bulbs finally go out, you just throw the fixture away and purchase a new solar fixture, but after 27 years, I would say it’s time for a new style anyway! Burned out electric bulbs must be discarded and will never disintegrate, adding to our garbage dumps forever.
  • CFL light bulbs do save energy and help fight global warning, but they contain Mercury, a neurotoxin especially dangerous to children and unborn babies. It is very important to never break one of these bulbs at home, and to always dispose of them properly by taking them to a hazardous waste disposal area. It is illegal in some states to throw them in the trash.
  • The Solar Light manufacturers are constantly improving the Technology to give you a better and brighter product. When your neighbor told you four years ago that solar lighting was not any good, well, that was four years ago and not true anymore.
  • Circuitry has been improved to accept multiple, larger wattage LED bulbs, giving you brighter illumination at night.
  • This same improved circuitry used a stronger battery voltage that increases the duration of light each night, and the intensity of light emitted from the LED bulbs.
  • Technology continues to improve the Solar Panel. Amorphous mono-crystalline solar panels will charge the battery to an extent even on cloudy days, so you will have light when the sun goes down. The newest solar panel is a Poly-Crystalline, which incorporates all the greatest improvements into a smaller package. It takes up less space, which is always good for the environment, and gives you a stronger and more efficient charge.
  • All you need is the sun for you to have light at night. There will be no need for trenching to install wiring, no electrician required, and no need for panic when you open your electric bill.
  • Solar fixtures are easy to install, all you need is a steady hand if placing ground stakes, or to screw in a wall mount plate with the hardware that’s always provided.
  • The selection of designs and styles has expanded. You can choose from various LED colors on many solar deck post cap lights and wall mount carriage lanterns. You have options for finishes to match the exterior of your home. Whether it’s a color or architectural style, you will find a design that will look great with your home.
  • There is nothing that puts a smile on your face quicker than watching all of your solar path lights and color changing garden stakes come on all by themselves every single night. And they don’t cost a penny to operate!
  • Maintenance is next to nothing. The batteries will need to be changed every couple of years, and once in awhile you can wipe off the solar panel with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris, which can filter the sun rays. A clean solar panel allows for a better charge from the sunlight.
  • Solar lanterns and lamp post lights come in a variety of lumens. You can add warmth and a soothing ambiance to your home with less lumens, or additional security to your entrance and yard with the lamp post lanterns with higher lumens.
  • You can create the greatest backyard and garden with the incredible selection of solar animal and garden decor. From whimsical to fairy tale, or just plain fun, your kids and grandkids will enjoy the outdoors again.
  • And finally, for all of our outdoor fountain water feature lovers, our solar water fountains with LED lights are the best thing to happen lately. No water line is required, no electrical wiring is required. You can install the separate solar panel in a sunny spot in your garden, set the solar fountain on your deck, and enjoy the soothing sound of the waterfall knowing there are no operating costs to pay.

Solar outdoor lanterns, lamp post lights and garden decor will save you money each month by letting the sun do the charging. Do your part for the environment in your corner of the world, to help your children and their children have a normal and healthy life, by buying outdoor solar LED lights.