Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights for Walkway, Driveway and Accent

Buy solar path lights to create an incredible look day and night from that pop of color and light scattered around your driveway, sidewalk, and front of your house. It's a joy how the lights add warmth and curb appeal to your home.

Shop our Gama Sonic solar path lights for quality Bollard Solar Lights with Carriage lantern. Or choose sleek and simple designs of solar walkway lights, all will add a welcoming, cozy feeling at night. 

Install modern and unique solar post lights at your commercial buildings and parking lots for employee and customer safety.

All solar lights for walkways, including our Classy Caps solar powered path lights, should be placed in a sunny location for charging. Make your home a brighter place with solar. Read more about uses and quality below. 

One of the greatest benefits to solar path lights is that they can be installed along typical places like your driveway, sidewalk and walkway. Even more important, you can install them in the most remote areas of your property where there is no electricity, and the cost to install electricity would be prohibitive. 

There are so many uses for solar pathway lights and great accent lighting: 

  • Line your entire driveway for safe entrance without disturbing neighbors
  • Choose the higher lumen output lights to light up your country driveway entrance to not miss it
  • Add warmth to your cozy seating area
  • Create a lit path out to your pergola or gazebo and still see the stars at night
  • Light up your parking lot to create a safe haven for employees and customers visiting your business
  • Add lighting to your commercial building sidewalks for safe entrance at night
  • Install along the walkway to your dock, to enjoy the water at night and safely walk back home
  • Add lighting around your mailbox so no one runs over it
  • Outline your landscape river rock stream, it will look absolutely gorgeous at night
  • Light up gates to always know where they are 

You'll love the additional benefit of buying solar lights, when everyone's electricity goes out, and you still have the safety of light at your home or business. No one appreciates walking around dark areas anymore.

We have so many different solar lights for installation in the ground, choose from:

Choose your style and buy the design that will make you smile every day. Do remember when shopping for solar, quality counts and will give you the performance you want.

Our Gama Sonic solar lights are all excellent, with a 2 year warranty and should last you 7 to 10 years. Our Smart Solar and Classy Caps solar lights are generally cast aluminum with glass lenses, have a 1 year warranty and should last you 4 to 5 years. The rest of our solar lights for your driveway and walkway will last around 3 years.

The only maintenance required for solar path lights is to change out the batteries when your lights starting dimming early or don't light up anymore, and to wipe off the solar panels periodically with warm water, never any chemicals. 

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